Midday Meme Report

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    Surfing Equipment - When you've got souls to reap at 11 but you've got gnar to shred at 10 @dabmoms
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    Yoga - Me after eating a lettuce leaf New body who dis I am so healthy Fit fam My body is a temple You can't touch dis I'm so fucking zen rn Know your worth hun
  • 3
    People - Cop 1: Why'd you pepper spray that kid? Cop 2: He had a fidget spinner Cop 1: I know, you should have shot him instead LT.RICHARDS RIVERA 250 TAR
  • 4
    Computer keyboard - W Why are some of my keys darker than others
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  • 5
    Face - When you take a nap and wake up sadder and more tired than before NAL
  • 6
    Text - When someone asks me if I want 1 or 2 slices of pizza... "Lemme get three"
  • 7
    Leash - "i'm actually a very modest person" Me: FLAWLESS
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  • 8
    Medical procedure - According to my new fitness smart watch I've masturbated for 4 miles
  • 9
    Text - Vision like Hellen Keller ass like Kim and a face like Rihanna
  • 10
    Purple - her dad her brothers My crush her crush her ex me
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  • 11
    Cartoon - It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground. IT's OVEr, ANAKIN. i HaVe ThE hlgH gRoUnD.
  • 12
    Product - The difference between freshmen and seniors
  • 13
    Technology - TAE ALT LEGO STAR WARS LEGO 6-12 75169 Rogue One Squadron Scarif Edition WookieeNutz LEGO 76169
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  • 14
    Text - When she tells says you look hot in your romper but then says you dress like a girl when y'all arguing
  • 15
    Hair - New conspiracy theory: Kylie Jenner died in 2013 and was replaced with a clone who looks nothing like her FO
  • 16
    Vegan nutrition - Foghorn Greghorn @grgdwyr Follow Avocado Toast $6.50 Data $150 House $650,000 Utility $150 someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying TIME TIME Follow @TIME Millionaire to millennials: Stop buying avocado toast if you want to buy a home Millionaire to Millennials: Stop Buying Avocado Toast If You Want to Buy a Ho... Avocado prices have soared in recent years
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  • 17
    Hand - My fidget spinner looks like this so hers can look like that adam.the.creator
  • 18
    Technology - STAR WARS LEGO 6-12 75169 Count Dooku Severed Head and Hands WookieeNutz LEGO 76169
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