Dude Takes Spirit Level On Plane Attempting to Prove Earth Is Flat

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    Behold the overconfident face of pure stupidity

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    Here he is explaining his "experiment" in greater depth...

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    Let's just say he was met with a steady procession of haters

    Text - Tuxedo Cowboy @Tom_On_Line This guy brought a level onto a plane to prove the earth is flat 2 May articulus infractus Follow @trittilare @Tom_On_Line @boring_as_heck This is like the perfect combination brilliant and stupid 12:54 PM-2 May 2017 5 54
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    Text - Here's the video from my experiment! recorded a distance of 203 miles. That should have resulted in compensation for over 5 MILES of curvature. But...NOPE! There was no compensation for curvature because THERE IS NO CURVATURE!!! Gave a shout out to the group toward the end! Time to stop defending what we know to be the truth about the #FlatEarth. Now we take the fight to the enemy! #FEOffensive Flat Earth: Spirit Level Flight Experiment I decided to take my spiri... Tuxedo Cow
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    Product - Airbus A321 Cruise Speed: 515mph 23.75 Minutes @ 515mph is Roughly 203.85 miles along the Earth's surface. The pilot should have dipped the nose to compensate for over 5 Miles of Curvature! Sopwatch 23 45 61 23:45.63 But...NOPE! Tuxedo Cowboy @Tom_On_Line May 2 This guy brought a level onto a plane to prove the earth is flat BGCKW9 Fmc 163 13 1.4K 2.5K
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    Text - Follow @zarawesome @Tom_On_Line @kthorjensen I literally have no idea what this person expected to happen that would disprove their position 12:06 PM - 2 May 2017 60
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    Text - Matty Young Follow @mabufo @Tom_On_Line @KrangTNelson You think he would have looked out the window at the curve in the horizon like at least one time 12:32 PM - 2 May 2017 t5 140
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    Text - brian levinson Follow @BrianBLevinson @Tom_On_Line remarkable how the plane stayed completely 100% level during takeoff and landing, I'm beginning to question whether air travel exists 12:04 PM -2 May 2017 t26 302


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