'That's gonna cost you': Spying neighbor calls police because of a few leaves, police threaten to tow his car instead

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    Posted by u/joeyfine 2 hours ago Police were called because of leaves. That's gonna cost you. This is recent and very petty but great. My friend keeps a very clean yard. In the fall he likes to get all the leaves before it rains and they become a to pull up. His neighbor doesn't care about his yard as he has own the house for a few years and still has not moved in. He lives a few states away.
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    As my friend was finishing up sucking up the leaves with his machine some of them blew into the neighbors driveway way. Maybe 20 leaves total. My friend finished up and went inside. About 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door and squad car outside. The officer said they received a complaint about leaves being blown into the driveway. The neighbor had been watching on his doorbell cam and decided this transgression warranted police intervention. You could tell the officer was visibility
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    The pettiness. The neighbor had an old car shipped and dropped in the driveway about 8 months ago where it has sat ever since. Remember he still lives a few states away. While my friend told the officer he would clean the leaves promptly he asked the officer if he could do him a favor. Check the car for proper tags. The officer saw the car in question and gave a slight smile.
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    While my friend cleaned the leaves out of the driveway then officers were walking around the car looking at the VIN and running information. You could hear the neighbor on his door bell asking what the problem was. There is a law any car that is in the driveway must have tags and insurance on them. The police gave him a call and told him his car was in violation and he either
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    needed to put the car in the garage (which would need to be lifted and dropped in the garage) or get the registration, insurance, and an e-check on the car that cant be driven taken care of within 2 weeks or they will be back to tow the car and ticket him. Dude cost himself a 10 hour car ride to get his car lifted and stuffed in the garage all over A few dead leaves.
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    angry4noreasonatall 2 hr. ago I've never been one to cheer for someone having to pay for something, but this.. well. This is splendid! great job Reply Share 270 FionaManx · 1 hr. ago YAAAAAY!!! Well Done Clean Yard Neighbor....WELL DONE! 24 Reply Share ●●●
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    gomazoa93 2 hr. ago If only your neighbor would leaf you alone 91 Reply Share 41 ●●● Acceptable_Wall4085 · 1 hr. ago I beleaf he learned a lesson. Reply Share
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    slackerassftw 1 hr. ago There was a guy in my city who restored old Volkswagens as a hobby. His neighbor thought they looked ugly so he called code enforcement. When the code enforcement officer showed up and threatened to cite him for all of the I tagged, I inspected, and non-running cars in his driveway it got a little heated. The code enforcement officer called the police to back him up. That's where I came in.
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    The guy tells me he has tried to explain to the code enforcement officer that antique cars are exempted from ordinance about vehicles in the driveway. Quick look at my city ordinance book and I told the code enforcement officer, that the guy was absolutely correct and there was nothing he could cite at the location. He left and I started talking to the guy. In a
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    complete coincidence, I also had an antique VW camper van I was working on. We have been good friends for the last 20 years. That was not his last fight with his neighbor or the code enforcement officer, but he never lost them because he always made sure anything he did was completely within what was allowed by city ordinances. Reply Share 68 ●●●
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    Iankalou 2 hr. ago Pulled out the Uno Reverse card. 43 Reply Share thebadmojo 1 hr. ago He should've just let it blow over Reply Share 23 ●●●
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    More-Jacket-9034 · 39 min. ago Dumb-dumb neighbor obviously didn't know 1 of the biggest rules of life: Never call the police when you are committing an infraction or crime yourself. ↑ 5 Reply Share
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    subtxtcan 47 min. ago That is so utterly salty... I absolutely love it. And you KNOW what that cop was thinking. "This gonna be how you waste my time dude? Alright. I won't waste it." 3 ↓ Reply Share


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