30 Random Funny Tweets to Keep You Entertained This Monday

  • 1
    Funny Tweet by Beth Mccoll about giving advice against smoking cigarettes to teens
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  • 2
    DubiousRhetoric Jake tweets a funny thought about how People may be confused why the Dog always barks at the mailman, but from the dogs point of view, the mailman hasn't made into the house even one time yet
  • 3
    Funny tweet by Melvin of York talking about a guy at the store who told his wife on the cell phone that he was in the car, on his way, and he yelled out NO HE IS NOT to protect Susan
  • 4
    Dumb Beezie funny tweet about special skill in an apocalypse
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  • 5
    Funny Tweet by AndrewChamings about stealing a Lamborghini and then checking how fast it goes on Wikipedia when the GF asks
  • 6
    Funny tweet by Olly iConic about how the turtle is the worst dinosaur but with an army helmet
  • 7
    Horney Rae Jepsen tweets a funny way to look at door knocking
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  • 8
    Funny tweet with picture of defective can comparing it to the final boss in a video game
  • 9
    funny tweet by SteveDutzy
  • 10
    The Rob Cee makes a funny tweet about Michael Cera pinned to a wall by a hand dryer in the restroom
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  • 11
    @batkaren tweets a funny paradox about multiverse theory as at least 1 of those universes has her being able to collapse the multiverse
  • 12
    @bornmiserable twitter funny comment about cheering for the ball when watching sports
  • 13
    funny tweet by @itsjoshpeck about taking the fight outside
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  • 14
    Funny tweet sent by penjamin @upsidedowntrash about an idea of a Shazam, but for identifying how old pizza leftovers are
  • 15
    Funny tweet by Katrina @eyeseeyou619 about weeding out the rifraf from a bar by playing $37 of David Bowie on the jukebox
  • 16
    Rob Elliott funny tweet from @rockymomax of kissing a girl at he bar and deciding not to take her home because they have potato skins
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  • 17
    funny tweet about a date liking the complete void of space as her favourite star wars character
  • 18
    Funny tweet about petting sharks and making bad decisions by @flashember
  • 19
    Funny tweet about a sleeve tattoo of a pringles can
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  • 20
    @batkaren funny tweet about Tchaikovsky considering Ballerina being a littler baller
  • 21
    Funny tweet about Kit Kats
  • 22
    Funny meme about clocks from @darlianky
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  • 23
    Funny twitter meme of @jensenclan88 of missing the days when Farmville invites where the most offensive thing on facebook
  • 24
    Funny tweet about Geologist walking out angry after the first 15 minutes of Rocky by @themiltron
  • 25
    @home_halfway recommending a tweet in which a date hands activity is to carry two swords
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  • 26
    Funny tweet by @dawn_m_ about the cool thing about falling down stairs is that you forget you are hungry
  • 27
    Funny parenting tweet about owning many stuffed animals and the child cuddles with jar of peanuts
  • 28
    Funny tweet by @igotsmarts about how Spanish exclamation points are seriously surprised spoilers
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  • 29
    Tweet by @adambroud about ho God made seals into funny dog larvae
  • 30
    funny Pokemon tweet by tomsauced @trojansauce


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