Young Women Walks Into Shelter, Asked For Least Wanted Kitty

A young women has done the most absolutely heartwarming thing ever. If this doesn't bring you to tears... we don't know what will! 

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    Meet Chester!

    Chester the cat was adopted by Madeleine and made both their lives better.

     This 16 year old ginger kitty was the least likely to be adopted at the animal shelter he was at. That was until 22 year old Madeleine, who had been going through a difficult two years, decided to get a cat. 

    Madeline was dealing with a lot and needed a friend. 

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    Blonde cat with green eyes.

    Chester, a 16 year old boy, was dropped off at the shelter by its owner when she went off to college, unfortunately not returning he'd been in the shelter a little over a year, hiding in the corner of his cage, being out-shined by all the kittens. :( 

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    Chester the cat being a bit shy.

    When Madeline arrived at the shelter, she didn't even look around but immdeitly went up to the front desk and asked for the cat who has had it rough, and a difficult time finding a home. The staff knew exactly which cat needed a loving home. 

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    Meow Chester the cat on the couch with Madeline

    The first time Madeline meet Chester "I saw him in the corner of the shelter, and I saw that he was so old, and he was SO fluffy, He looked like a teddy bear. I just had to hold him."

    So it was decided, Chester had found his forever home!

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    Chester kitty getting used to his new surroundings.

    Madeline says "He is the king of the household. He took about 5 hours to adjust, and now he loves it. He is such a cuddler, and loves to be allowed to cuddle on laps. He loves to play with strings, and yarn. He is very curious."

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    don't shop, adopt

    Don't forget "don't shop, adopt" won't just change a pets life, but yours as well!

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