Otter Reaction To Popcorn Maker

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Hello! Meet Hana and Kotaro, two Asian small clawed otters kept as pets by their loving owner and personal photographer. These two little guys are full of squeaks, curiosity, and personality. Otters are cute, furry water animals that hold hands and groom each other to bond! Due to their overwhelming levels of cuteness, there is a high demand to own them as pets. Pet otters are sought after in many Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

In this wholesome video, we see Hana and Kotaro being introduced to a popcorn making machine. They are super curious little investigators. They approach the machine cautiously, trying to make sense of it. They are a little startled by the weird noises it makes, but super intrigued by the popcorn it produces! Though they do not find the popcorn very appetizing, their inquisitive nature in this video is highlighted. Enjoy!

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