Doggo Shook And Confused By Kitten Occupying His Bed (Video)

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Everyone always thinks that cats and dogs can't get along, but we - as both cat and dog people - know better. Cats and dogs can be absolute best friends. They will cuddle, they will play together, they will bicker like old married couples. Cats sometimes use dogs as pillows, dogs sometimes offer cats their beds

A lot of times, it's just about introducing them young. That way, they will most likely not be shocked by each other's mannerisms. Except for this dog. This dog is s h o o k by this teeny weeny kitty occupying its bed. The kitten doesn't know any better, most likely thinking of the dog as a warm pillow, but the doggo... oh the doggo is so confused - in the most awwdorable way possible.

We think that the fact that the cat is sitting on the dog by the end of the video is a pretty good sign of what their friendship will look like in the future.

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