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This Dog Haus Is The Stylish Alternative To Plastic Dog Crates

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    After a struggle to find a dog house that matched his taste for modern design, architect Rahil Taj decided to come up with his own creation: the MDK9 Dog Haus.

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    With a sleek, stylish and practical design, the ultra-modern dog kennel is the perfect option for today's style-conscious dog owner.

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    The MDK9 Dog Haus is a high-end shelter that was created using the same techniques and materials used to build contemporary homes

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    This means that the home is completely waterproof (both inside and out), breathable and durable. The dog house is even outfitted with an ultra luxe memory foam pillow by Jax & Bones so that the pooch in question has a comfy place to rest.

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    In addition to the more practical features, the MDK9 Dog Haus also boasts a stylish mid-century modern design that blends in with contemporary architecture and design aesthetics.

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