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Pawsitive Feline Memes For A Sweet And Wholesome End To The Week

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    everyone look at this very distinguished gentleman buzzplusofficial

    This is the face you need to burn into your memory, such that at any given moment this week when you find yourself down in the dumps, and full of the grumps, you can turn your attention to this incredibly distinguished gentleman. Now that is one heck of a healthy way to cope with the stresses of the week.

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    CleverUsername006 We found our cat's old toy under the fridge
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    SLUG @generalslug he almost never loafs so this was RATHER nice 000
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    Biiiiiiiiii Ceaira Webber 2h.✔ ig stretch

    This is your reminder to do yoga to help you keep your calm. In an ever maddening world, with greater and greater expectations, we need to do our best to hold it together and keep going. Engaging in activities like yoga, meditation and looking at cat memes are great ways to lower your stress and your calm reaction to difficult situations.

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    "it's real to her and that's all that matters"

    Metroskunk Our cat Kitty Bang Bang is super proud of herself for this big catch. I don't have the heart to tell her it's not real. PROSPECT 1870 GENERATION WIT FAMILY WINES P 5th
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    "a trustworthy dr furr sure."

    Found my new physician Dr. Mittens Lamar Healing Boo-Boos with Nom-Noms Accepting New Clients at LamarMKE.com AMAR 3051
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    "a true hero"

    I returned home from a night shift at 4 a.m., put a kettle on the stove, and fell asleep. I woke up because my cat bit my ear pretty hard and was tearfully meowing. I thought she was hungry, so I slowly got up and went to the kitchen where I saw a burned kettle that had poured water on a gas burner that was now leaking gas.
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    Bry_in_the_sky Finally got his own room!
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    "a very accurate petting guidance system."

    Cat Petting Guide coleandmarmalade.com Ye that's nice - Hmm k OK Acceptable Awh yeee Heck no LOL do u wanna die? Look but DON'T TOUCH! Nope Never
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    55 "No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat." - Leo Dworken
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    Mateo woke me up last night at 3am because he was hungry..... well I dozed off for a bit and woke up to my Gingi holding his bottle. gratef start each day
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    "double edged sword"

    Don't do it It's a trap!! M
  • 13

    "and pet her they should"

    We put this chair on the curb for bulk trash pickup and my cat thinks it's for her. I've seen three people so far come and pet her during their neighborhood walks.
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    I have a cat who has a hard time handling detachment, so to better deal with this, I created a false self. That way he doesn't miss me that much La lógica y los gatos.
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    umudkose I submit to you: the single greatest picture I have ever taken of my cat. 114 RIER -625 Mode PERUSTEE ASTER
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    Homemade zen garden
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    I never thought I'd find an X-Ray cute but 20180416 80416
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    If I win the lottery I won't tell anyone but there will be signs


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