How Do YOU Celebrate Mother's Day?

  • 1

    Being a mom is hard.

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  • 2

    You're not always sure what you're doing.

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  • 3

    People expect you to be Mary Poppins, even when you feel more like Cruella de Vil.

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  • 4

    But today is your day! How do you want to celebrate?

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  • 5

    A nice lunch out sounds good.

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    (Even if it is accompanied by what could be construed as a veiled threat.)
  • 6

    Perhaps your family could enjoy some pleasant mealtime conversation.

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    Or not.
  • 7

    Since it's Mother's Day, maybe your jokes will finally get a laugh.

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  • 8

    Gifts? You shouldn't have.

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  • 9, really, you SHOULDN'T have.

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    If only they'd picked out something more personal...
  • 10

    ...but not this personal.

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  • 11

    To be fair, they thought you'd appreciate something along those lines.

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    (Not quite sure where they got that idea.)
  • 12

    You can never go wrong with a handwritten note.

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  • 13

    Everyone's being so nice! Maybe you can extend the special treatment through tomorrow by faking sick?

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    No, no one will ever buy it.
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  • 14

    Until then, nap while you can.

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  • 15

    No matter what you do, make sure you do SOMETHING to celebrate, because you are at least as good as the...

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