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The “TED Gorilla” is Becoming a Star Again When Caught Watching Cellphone Videos With Zoo Visitors

  • Lindsey Costello told WDRB that she was treating herself with a visit to the zoo when she spotted a woman playing videos for a gorilla in the Gorilla Forest exhibit.

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    Costello said the woman saw how excited she was and offered to let her try. For the next 20 minutes, she sat on the other side of a glass partition from a gorilla named Jelani, playing videos of baby gorillas. "If he got tired of a video, he'd move his hand up and swipe," Costell told WHAS. "If I moved the phone away he'd stretch it out. He intimately enjoyed the videos."

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  • A friend snapped a photo of the pair that was later shared on Reddit, bringing attention from around the globe.

    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
  • Jelani is the only gorilla at the zoo drawn specifically to technology, according to WDRB. Katka told WHAS that the fascination started when Jelani was young.


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