I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cross Country Team Make Practice Runs Fun, By taking Eager Shelter Dogs Along For The...Run

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    And They're Off!

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    They are there temporarily and visiting from Humane Society of Tampa Bay. According to the shelter, the high school athletes make it a point to come by the shelter before their morning routine training begins and pick up eager dog who want to stretch out their legs.

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    This is the perfect chance for dogs, who may be still adjusting to shelter life, to go out and play, run and just be outdoors. "For high-energy, highly intelligent dogs like Jasper, shelter life can quickly become stressful and their mental health suffers. Because of the kindness of these young men, Jasper is getting the exercise and mental stimulation he needs to remain healthy while he looks for his forever family," the Humane Society of Tampa Bay posted to their Facebook, along with photos of the "Boss Cross" boys jogging alongside an ecstatic Jasper.

    (How Cute!)

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    Not only does this give the dogs a chance to wonder around and create great social skills, the staff at the shelter has commented that the exposure the outing provide may give the dogs a better chance to meet forever parents. The more time outside in the real world the better! Staff at the shelter is also appreciative for the additional exposure these outings provide. In fact, thanks to these runs, Jasper has found his forever home with a Steinbrenner High School alumni! 


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