27 Fun Facts That'll Obliterate Your Boredom and Leave You Highly Amused

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    Text - Verizon received $2.1billion in tax breaks in Pennsylvania to wire every house with 45Mbps by 2015. Half of all households were to be wired by 2004. When deadlines weren't met, Verizon kept the money and didn't deliver. The same thing happened in New York veriz
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    Soccer ball - Record for the highest score during an association football game is 149-0, in a match between two arch-rival teams in Madagascar. The losing side scored 149 own goals during the match protesting a controversial referee decision in the previous game
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    Helmet - Erwin Rommel, a highly decorated German officer during WW2, humanely treated captured soldiers, ignored orders to kill Jews, civilians and conspired to assassinate Hitler. After Rommel's death, soldiers on both sides paid respect to his grave and he is the only member of The Third Reich to have a museum dedicated to him
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    Event - Bill Gates and Warren Buffett went to China to encourage their billionaires about the benefits of Philanthropy (givingto their community), they were mainly ignored because Philanthropy (outside of supporting family) is not part of Chinese culture
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    Text - A Frenchwoman, Jeanne de Clisson, became a pirate in the 1300's to revenge her husband's death, who was beheaded for treson. She sold her family's land to buy 3ships and painted them black with red sails. For the next 13 years, she went on a pirating binge, targeting King Philip VI's ships and personally beheaded the French noblemen she captured with an axe
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    Landmark - Hitler's plan for Moscow after capturing it during ww2 was to kill all its residents and replace it with a lake
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    Facial expression - While a Westboro spokeswoman was boasting about how the church foiled Anonymous on a radio talk show, an Anonymous spokesman called in and hacked the church's website in real time on the air
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    Companion dog - The vibrator was invented for doctors who were getting carpel tunnel from using their fingers to give female patients orgasms in order to treat hysteria
  • 9
    Drink - In 1956, The US goverment set many containers of beer next to two atomic bombs that were detonated to determine if the beer was ATOMIC stildrinkable.In the event of a nuclear war, beer is perfectly safe to drink FALE ALE 6ELECTION
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    Land vehicle - To be a London black cab driver, one is expected to know over 25,000 roads and 50,000 points of interest and pass a test called "The Knowledge". To pass the exam, applicants usually need twelve appearances and 34months of preparation TA MA MAr
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    Forehead - At age 9, Ron McNair, the African-American astronaut, later killed in the Challenger explosion in 1986, refused to leave a segregated public library after the librarian rejected his request to check out some books. The police were called, as was his mother. Years later they renamed the library after him
  • 12
    Food - The shishito pepper grown in Japan is unique in the sense that only one out of every ten peppers is spicy and there is no way to know beforehand, which one might be
  • 13
    Leaf - There is a large stinging shrub native to Australia called the Gympie Gympie that produces a neurotoxin so painful,it has driven people and animals to suicide. The pain has been described as being sprayed with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time. A man was reported to have shot himselfafter using the shrub's leaves as toilet paper
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  • 14
    Insect - During the process of becoming a butterfly, the entire caterpillar will break down into a liquid
  • 15
    Clothing - Playboy Bunny outfit was the first service uniform registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • 16
    People in nature - In 2006, a woman filing for public assistance in the Washington state failed 4 DNA tests to prove maternity of her children. She was taken to court and risked losing custody.It was later discovered that she had absorbed her twin in the womb and her reproductive organs carried different DNA to the other parts of her body
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    Mushing - During the 1950s, the Canadian government forced the Inuit into settlements. An elderly Eskimo, wanted to escape government settlement. His family took away all of his tools to force him into the settlement. He made a knife out of his own feces and frozen spit, killed a dog with it and used its ribs and organs to make a sled, tied it to other dogs and rode off
  • 18
    Skyscraper - The company that owned the World Trade Center had scheduled a meeting for 9/11/2001 on the 88th floor of tower 1 to discuss what to do in the event of a terrorist attack,but rescheduled the night before because someone couldn't attend
  • 19
    Facial expression - Leonardo DiCaprio was named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci's painting in a museum in Italy when DiCaprio first kicked
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    People - The pledge of allegiance in schools was conceived by a businessman who wanted to sell flags. Also, before Nazis used the salute that is now commonly referred to as the "Hitler salute, Americans did it while saying the Pledge of Allegiance
  • 21
    Hamper - Each Oscar Award loser receives a consolation bag of goodies. Last year's "goodie bag" was worth $45,000 to $48,000. It was full of odd items ranging from condoms to Windex, holidays to maple AEESyrup and beauty products LFE LG CK
  • 22
    Fictional character - Researchers from Texas State University ran out of funds while studying the 17th century pirate Captain Morgan and attempting to retrieve artifacts from his sunken ships off the coast of Panama. None-other than the Captain Morgan rum company granted them money to continue their work
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  • 23
    Spider web - Violin strings have been made from 5000 strands of spider silk. They produce a soft and profound timbre when played
  • 24
    Footwear - In 1994, NBA MVP Hakeem Olajuwon released a $35 sneaker instead of endorsing shoes from Nike or Reebok because: "How cana poorworking mother with three boys buy Nikes or Reeboks that costs $120?..She can't So kids steal these shoes from stores and from other kids. Sometimes they kill for them." Stephon Marbury did the same in 2006 and released his brand of sneakers for just $15 Etonic
  • 25
    Event - Winston Churchill had a plan called "Operation Unthinkable to invade the Soviet Union in a surprise attack immediately after the end of WWII. His plan was finally shot down when it was learned that the Soviet troops remaining outnumbered allied troops 3:1
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    Hair - Salma Hayek as a young teen went to a church that was known for performing miracles, and wished for breasts
  • 27
    Vegetation - The Manchineel tree, native to Florida is considered the most poisonous tree in the world. It causes painful blisters if you stand under it during rain, blinds you if the smoke from its burned wood touches your eyes, can poison water with its leaves and will cause death if you eat its fruits


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