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These cat memes are so NOT from 3017

  • 1

    The overly friendly cat meme

    Cat meme of overly friendly cat hugging the other.

    We all have that one friend like this.

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  • 2

    Damn hippy cats

    cat that looks like hippy trying to score some catnip, if you know anyone

    If my cat looked like this I would always be waiting for him to tell me that story which ends with, "We had to beat them to death, with their own shoes."

  • 3

    He need to right him self

    funny cat meme of cat upside down and joked that his dog is acting weird
  • 4

    Prism cat meme

    cat with a rainbow aberration cast across his furry face, with caption pointing out the similarities of this pic and the cover of Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon

    Punk Floyd is a good name for a cat.

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  • 5

    Cat host

    cat in a pringles can confirming that we are out of chips, but offering you anything else they might have

    If you need anything I'll be running around the house between 4 A.M. and 5 A.M.

  • 6

    Negotiator cat meme

    cat meme of kitty negotiating for you to put down that thermometer

    How about I put down the thermometer, and you just eat this delicious slice of bologna with a pill inside it and we call it a day. How does that sound, cat?

  • 7

    Cat momma has had it up to ***HERE***

    funny cat meme of tabby cat wearing an apron while leaning over a sink and complaining that no one helps with the house work, like mom
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  • 8

    I Is Fountain Of Deliciousness!

    funny meme of a cat lying on her back and having her kittens feed on her

    Drink my little minions, and become stronger than you have every imagined!

    Cat might think he is in a vampire show.

  • 9


    funny cat meme of kitten that thinks the laser red dot is only explained by aliens
  • 10

    Bike cat

    GIF of cat hitching ride on owners back while bike riding


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