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Meet The Long-Eared Jerboa―The Weirdest Yet Cutest Mix Of Rabbit, Mouse And Kangaroo

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    The Long-Eared Jerboa is a nocturnal mouse-like rodent.

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    They have a body length between 7 and 9 cms (2.75 - 3.5 inches), a tail length up to 16 cms (6.3 inches) and they weigh between 23 and 38 g (0.8 - 1.3 oz).

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    They are colored light reddish/brown with a white underside.

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    Their tail is long, covered in fine hairs the same colour as their body and has a black and white tuft on the end.

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    Their ears are extremely large, being one third longer than their head.

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    They have long hind legs and their feet are 4 - 4.6 cms (1.5 - 1.8 inches) in length.

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    The soles of their feet are covered in short, stiff hairs which help them move around over the sand. They leap over the sand with a kangaroo-like hopping gait.

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    The Long-Eared Jerboa is found in the deserts and semi-deserts of Mongolia and China

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    The Long-Eared Jerboa mainly feeds on insects.

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    They spend their days hidden in burrows beneath the sand and they are active at night. They are known to hibernate during the winter months.

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    So Cute!


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