32 Amusing Memes That Will Distract You From Reality

  • 1
    Text - I know a hero when I see one COPS AHEAD
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  • 2
    Cat - When you're being sarcastic and someone asks if you're being serious
  • 3
    Text - When rationality isn't winning the argument so you resort to a technologica sanction IG:Official.Agnew unblock me or i change my netflix pw
  • 4
    Hair - Stumbling back into work after drinking way too many Captain and Cokes during lunch hour like..
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  • 5
  • 6
    Text - When you call in sick for work and get to watch Maury at its regularly scheduled time.
  • 7
    Photograph - When someone questions my drinking @drunkfail Okay, you need to calm the fuck down, Judge Judy.
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  • 8
    Face - 30 minutes into a free trial at Crossfit IG: @thegainz
  • 9
    Footwear - I WANT MY MONEY BACK RIGHT FUCKING NOW Poshmark @Poshmarkapp Find Nike up to 80% off. Install the fre now! $18 Poshmark-Buy& Sell Fashion * n0.171 ratings) 778 3,402 Promoted EB
  • 10
    Text - Неу Fri, Mar 3, 12:14 AM Неу Fri, Mar 3, 11:59 AM Неу Sat, Mar 11, 11:05 PM Неу Fourth hey? Yeah stop trying Sorry I'll stop Word Sunday 11:21 PM Неу
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  • 11
    Text - Kale @kkeyes96 Some poor guy traded in his car and he had a contract from his girlfriend in it RULES & d: You are NOT to have a single girls phone number You are NOT to follow them on any social media (including Instagram Snapchat and Twitter) an You are NOT to hang out with Keegan (including his house or anywhere in public You are NOT to go to Honda without me woom room You are NOT to hang out with your friends more than two times a week You're NOT to look at a single girl If girls come
  • 12
    Canidae - Neighbor says your dog is scary and needs a muzzle? Not a problem.
  • 13
    Text - In just one hour, I'll have only 4 hours left until I have a mere 3 hours left to work. Sleuesley
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  • 14
    Vehicle door - Me: Come for a ride with get a coffee. It's 2 minutes away. |Kid: (bringing everything she owns) Ok
  • 15
    Text - I am not a ride or die chick. I have questions Where we riding to? Why do I have to die? Can we stop to get food?
  • 16
    Text - People offended by the C word would hear it a lot less if they didn't go around acting like such cunts.
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  • 17
    Community - When you lose your friends at the club and another squad takes you as their own EBS BOLT
  • 18
    Text - me:well it definitely can't get any worse than this @elitedaily 2 minutes later* I just shouldnt be allowed to make decisions anymore.
  • 19
    Child - When none of your friends want to go to happy hour with you.. C K C KF
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  • 20
    Mammal - Day 12, they still think I'm a Husky @DrSmashlove
  • 21
    Text - When you invite your friend out and they show up with their other friend you can't stand .Oh. Luigi came too. Super.
  • 22
    Product - When everyone's getting married and having kids and your future prospects are just like: GRILLED CHEESE
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  • 23
    Friendship - me comfortinga friend: Zach Would a glow stick make you feel better? 4R
  • 24
    Dog - Have puppies they said.. It will be fun they sai... x_antisocial butterfly _X
  • 25
    Product - On a scale of 1-10, How many |shots do you need to make it |through the work day? Ме: Me: @StupidResumes
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  • 26
    Dog - When everyone at work is older than you @the.couch.whisperer
  • 27
    Text - I live for the moment when my phone is fully charged, so I can unplug it and roll to the other side of my bed
  • 28
    Facial expression - When ur boo is telling you a story and mentions somebody of the opposite sex T SO T STO
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  • 29
    Text - When you're looking at your bills and start to consider prostitution IG: @the_meredith
  • 30
    Curtain - When you realize it's August and you only have four months before 2018... and so far you've accomplished nothing.
  • 31
    Vertebrate - When you show someone something you're really proud of and they say "cool" and change the subject
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  • 32
    Text - add you to the book! What brought you to Florida? "I threw a dart at the map and it landed in a trash can." -Patty H


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