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These Adorable Curly Haired Cats Are Taking Over The Internet

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    Earlier this week a Twitter user that goes by the name @meanplastic posted a series of adorable snaps of a ginger kitten. Now this adorable ginger kitten wasn't your ordinary kitty. Nope, it had a coiled coat which, on first glance, could most likely be mistaken as a poodles coat!

    That's right, this kitten has very curly hair!

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    The photos were captioned: "I've never seen a cat with curls until now." And by the looks of the pictures...It's no surprise that the tweet took off by storm and went viral!

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    The fuzzy felines are actually a relatively new breed called Selkirk Rex. Now this breed can actually be traced back all the way to a rescue cat named Miss DePesto. Miss DePesto was actually found in a shelter in Montana in 1987. She was picked up by local Persian breeder Jeri Newman, who noticed that she had a dominating genetic feature and adopted the kitten and encouraged her to breed with a black Persian, reports The Dodo.

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    Miss DePesto produced a litter of six kittens, three of which had her distinctive curls! And thus is how the breed had come to be. Named after the woman's stepfather.

    Aren't they just the cutest?


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