Amazing Woman Recognizes Familiar Sounds of Kittens in Distress and Springs Into Action

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We've all heard that famous saying "curiosity killed the cat", which might be applicable in various instances. Cats being the curious and basically adorable creatures they are are able to get themselves in such tight places and  most commonly get stick there. Mostly because they saw something move and heard some kind of noise. Killer instinct and all that. But here's something else that is good to know...

When cats are expecting their kittens, they get into these tight and dark spaces because they feel they will be safe. Just like when they jump into cardboard boxes. Of course they can't know what dangers might lie in those spaces. Thank goodness this family started hearing meowing noises...from behind their dry wall!

Recognizing the familiar sound of kittens in distress, the woman springs into action to save the kittens. She wraps her hand in a sock to protect herself from scratches from the drywall  and of tiny, needle-like claws. She cuts a hole into the wall not at all second thinking it, and removes the insulation and starts digging behind.

If anyone has been in a situation in which to rescue a cat or feral kittens they will understand that they are the worst to remove from anywhere basically. When they are famished or exhausted, they are a lot easier to rescue. Thankfully, this amazing and brave woman spared her time to help these innocent little ones from remaining trapped there.

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