The Walking Dead

6 Things We Learned In The Premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season 5

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    Timing is Everything

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    If the comics are any indication, someday Glenn's going to have a real headache. Fortunately, it was not this day.
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    Carol's The New Rambo

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    Carol's been picking up a lot from Daryl. She single-handedly took down Terminus, what would she have done to The Governor's tank?
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    Rick's Still a Total BAMF

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    The images speak for themselves.
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    Tyreese Is a Saint

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    He's like an anchor in the middle of the ocean, until you threaten a baby:

    Once you do that, you better look out.
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    Fire Doesn't Always Take Care of Walkers

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    He got the recipe for "Dude's Face Flambé" a little wrong.
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    Morgan is Back

    The last time we saw Morgan in Season 3, he was the mayor of his own little crazy town. Is he right in the head, now? We hope not.

    This premiere was horrifically violent and terrifically brutal. We got a happy ending, but it feels like this'll be the most unforgiving season yet. We can't wait to watch more.

    What did you think of the premiere?


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