20 Things Couples Do That Make Each Other Cringe

  • 1
    Text - Ivebeen with my boyfriend Por almost twoyears.and lstil crnge when he touches my hips
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  • 2
    Turquoise - lcanthepbut cringe and laugh when my boyfriend tries to take sexy pictures
  • 3
    Text - tyou thought that was gonna be motivational and cute Icringe when I kiss my boyfriend in the morning. His breath is so bad, but Iknow wont see him all day.
  • 4
    Noodle - llove mygrFriend more than anyehing bue the way she Surpsspaghetti makes me Cringe somuch
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  • 5
    Hair - Thave acne and cringe every time my boyfriend tries to affectionately Feel my cheeks..
  • 6
    Fashion - My boyfriend makes me cringe when hes drunk ,НЕPN
  • 7
    Text - Immentally,emotionaly.and spirtuallyin love with my boyfiriend of 2years and we make anexcellent team, but physicaly Find him unattractive and cringe sometimes when we make out.
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  • 8
    Text - As a closeted athetst.leringed when l saw my girlfriend today wearing a Gods not dead t shirt
  • 9
    Text - Iwantagirfriend that's not extremely romantic becausel cringe easily Like let's be bros but date
  • 10
    Hair - tactually makes me cringe when my girFriend calls me bae BCS 2013 2013
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  • 11
    Friendship - When my boyFriend gets mad cringe Not because Im afraid he wll hurt me But because Irelive past relationship experiences he thinks Im afraid of him
  • 12
    Text - Sometimes Ihave sex withmy bayfitend ust sohe wilquie bothering me about wantingto have sex...and Icringe the entire time.
  • 13
    People in nature - My boyfriend tells me Im beautiful.Isecretly don t believe him and cringe when he tells me this
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  • 14
    Text - my boyfriend cheated onme for almost 4years mostly online i pretend to be overit bubi stil eringe every time he touches his phone
  • 15
    Diamond - Sometimes when my boyfriend Callsme princess Icringe because thats what my ex called me and it brings upthose memories
  • 16
    Text - Iedly hatemy body and cringe every time it's touched or lfeel my grfriend looking at it 3
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  • 17
    Text - My boyfriend always says 'need a shoulder to cry on l got two and it makes me cringe SO BAD
  • 18
    Text - When mygirFriend textsme Cringe,Because Iknow its about something stupid
  • 19
    Shoulder - Sometimes my girfriend cals makes me cringe
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  • 20
    Text - IABSOLUTELY hate being ealled baba or baby and lalmose cringe whenever my boy friend uses ether


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