20 People Share the WTF Things They Learned From Their Birth Certificate

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    Facial expression - So here's a story for youljust found out that my birth certificate is a fakelmnot really 18 Im 20.oh and lm stil high school
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    Text - Yesterday we found out my granddad isnt 86 like we thought, We Found his Birth Certificabe and discovered he's 91. This is terrifying
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    Text - The onl's BEST Helher MUM iloked at my birth certficate and found out my Pamily has eencelebrating it the wrong day Por 14 years happy airtholay AY! RT THERE'S SOMETHING YOU *COWBOY
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    Text - ve never met my real dad bub| found his name on my birth certificatel googled himand wish lhadht. Turns out he murdered 5 people.Ihopehe got put on death row. Is that wrong of me to say?
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    Facial expression - My bir-th certificate saysmy brother is my dad..
  • 6
    Text - Imadupted and Thate seeingmy adoptive parents nameson my birth certificate..
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    Text - My parents named me after my dead sister in hopes to replace her found out about itafter walking around with Che wrong birth certificate for a while.. cant seem to forgive themfor it
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    Text - Today is not my birthday My parents Cold me it was buel got aholdof my birth certificate and Found out lwas bornin July t's not like Chey were aday of. A whole month How.could Chey
  • 9
    Facial expression - Jam gender Fluid and currently came out as a guy yesterday Today Ifound out Im marked as male on my birth certificate Well. II
  • 10
    Text - My parents dontknowmy birthday so they dont let me celebrate, Iwent to the office of vital records and asked to look at my birth certificatel found out Iwas born in Mexico..
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  • 11
    Text - Im 21. ljust found out that Ive been writing my name differently than what is on my birth certificate.I dont like how it's written on there so Im going to keep writing it how Ive been.
  • 12
    Font - Mydad doesntwant mehes getting his iname takenoff my birthcertificate and Im actualghappyaboue it
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    Text - Just found out my dad isnt on my birth certificate because he Wasnt there to sign. Wow
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    Friendship - When Iwas 14,Ifound out the man thatIthought was my Father actuallywasnt.lalso Found out Ihad a twin brother and 2 step sisters. Al because needed my birth certificate
  • 15
    Footwear - At 15,1Found out my dad was mysbepdadby bokingabmy bi-th certificate For the first time
  • 16
    People in nature - My birth certificate saidwas atwin. My mom kept mei put herup for adoption b/e she couldht afford us bothlwas on a search For her wheni found out she was killed by a train 3 months bef ore
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    Product - Ifound out-my parents pme upforadoption bel couldht start colege My birth certificate said baby girtl. They kept me at the last minute and never named me officially SOU
  • 18
    Facial expression - Ujust Found out T had a twin sister today. No one knows know,I found hers and mine birth certificate in mymoms File cabinet CHIVE ON
  • 19
    Text - Nobody's name is on my birth certificate other thanmy own. .am l adopted???
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    Facial expression - was goingthrough my moms things whenshe died, and Found my birth certificate Im adopted.


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