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Meet The Cat That Runs With Dogs

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    Rosie was only a couple weeks old when she was abandoned, but a California foster family took her in, and it didn’t take them long to realize that they couldn’t part with the adventurous kitten.

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    “After seeing her special bond with our 3 huskies, we decided her forever home was meant to be with us,” her family said.

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    From day one, Rosie was a fighter. She grew up thinking she was a baby husky pup, raised by a surrogate husky mommy.

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    Rosie grew up fearless and spunky, never wanting to miss out on an adventure, so it was only natural that she came with us on adventures as soon as she learned to walk.

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    Her family admits it was a surprising relationship because huskies normally have a very intense prey drive

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    Rosie and Lilo's relationship is very special. Rosie has complete faith that she is invincible next to her pack.

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    Rosie started accompanying the dogs excursions as soon as she was able to walk

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    They put a tiny rabbit harness on her and took her on her first excursion to the local park. She took to the walking immediately, following after her pack, and generally sniffing and exploring like one of the pups.

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    Since then, Rosie joins the family on every trip they go — road trips, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, walks, eating out, pet store runs, beaches and lakes.

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    She does very well keeping up with the dogs now that she is older.

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    Safety is definitely one of our biggest concerns, stepping foot into a predominately dog world.

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    Her family have to watch for strays and never allow strange dogs to approach her.


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