28 Solid Burns That Are Going to Need Burn Cream

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    Text - 2 hours ago It makes my heart smile when two ugly people find each other and fall in love. Like Comment So who's the lucky guy 2 minutes ago Like ?
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    Text - Tweet Tweets Old Spice @OldSpice Why is it that "fire sauce" isn't made with any real fire? Seems like false advertising 1d In reply to Old Spice TACO BELL > @TacoBell @OldSpice Is your deodorant made with really old spices? 1 day ago via web
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    Text - 13 minutes ago Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something bette... Unlike Comment You like this. And that's why you have a younger brother 3 minutes ago Like
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    Text - iHeartMtnDEW Liam Laferriere @frankiemuniz ur acting is just, awful. sorry but, it is. 16 Sep in reply to GIHeartMin DEW @frankiemuniz Frankie Muniz @iHeartMtnDEW Yeah, but being retired with $40,000,00o.00 at 19 has not been awful. Good luck moving out of your moms house before youre 35 16 Sep via web Favorite RetweetReply
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    Text - went from being Carmen "engaged" to "it's complicated." 1 hour ago Randy its not complicated. you got caught fucking numerous men 1 hour ago Like
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    Text - minutes ago without the ugly in this world, there would be nothing beautiful Share kes this. Thank you for your sacrifice. 3 minutes ago of burn_centers in the United States List of burn centers in the United States- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia WIKIMEDIA project This is a List of burn centers in the United States. A burn center or burns unit is a hospital specializing in the treatment of burns. a few seconds ago
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    Text - Resolved Question Show me another When a guy says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH, what's a good comeback? He's sexist, and I'm trying to be witty Anna Any good comebacks? 4 weeks ago P Report Abuse Best Answer- Chosen by Voters Well, you better comeback with a godamn sandwich. 4 weeks ago Retz 70% 199 Votes Report Abuse Is this what you are searching for?
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    Text - Top Comments TheCityFree 2 months ago This song does stuff to me that my girlfriend cant do. Reply 253 ASASSINS XerroX 3 weeks ago That's because this music is real, while your girlfriend isnt. Reply 166 in reply to TheCityFree
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    Text - Andy When I die, I want my epitaph to read: "Mistakes were made" Like Comment about an hour ago via mobile and 4 others like this. View all 4 comments Evan 54 minutes ago Unlike 37 Wasn't that already on your birth certificate?
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    Text - Julia i lost two pounds this week PROGRESS MOTHERFUCKER, THIS IS PROGRESS Like Comment 10 minutas ago t 9 people like this. Michaell 10 minutes ago Unlike 15 What, did you take off your make up?
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    Text - 14 Like Comment Share 3 2 hours ago near Kingwood, Virginia t To this day, the boy that used to bully me at school still takes my lunch money. On the plus side, he makes great subway sandwiches. Unlike Comment 82 4
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    Text - AT&T 3G 10:27 PM 62% L Sort Status Photo Check In 20 minutes ago . German guy at the bar challenged me saying, "how many world cups have you won?"; I responded, "how many world wars have you won?" Like Comment 5 13
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    Media - SALLYINTHESKYWITHDIANONDS llove globes actually, cause you can never remember where all the countries are Like I didn't know Nicaragua was next to Costa Rica. Have you guys ever heard of Nicaragua? Yeah, cause we were schooled in England.
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    Text - X 11 hours ago near Wishing my GPA looked like those gas prices. Like Comment and 37 others like this. r and i wish those gas prices looked like your GPA 11 hours ago Unlike 10 Write a comment..
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    Text - Wow I wish I could find guy like you. Well I mean, there's me.. Lol! Haha yeah Delivered
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    Text - Jake Edit Messages I heard you're going out with my ex. How does the used pussy feal? What can I say? After the first two inches, like a new one... Fuck you...
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    Text - emma, @goldenlights Follow i love how music can take u to another place. for example meghan trainor is playing in this cafe so now im going to a different cafe RETWEETS FAVORITES 7,516 8,680 9:29 AM-7 Aug 2015
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    Text - Mom Edit Messages Mom stop you are not funny You never make jokes I made you.
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    Text - Caprice Bailey i hate it people keep saying the akward moment guess what no one cares September 15 at 9:15pm near Ipswich Scarlett Knights The Awkward moment when no one likes your status September 16 at 4:15pm 10 people Caprice Bailey go away scarlett September 16 at 6:17pm
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    Photo caption - IF You'RE THIN You'RE NOT COMING IN 111 UK Banter @UKBanter 17 Mar BANTER Only because you are blocking the door you fucking whale
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    Text - Jaimee 30 mins Dont date a man with a beard till uve seen him without it, u think landed thor...he shaves... And boom peewee herman Like Share Comment 13 Shan Dont date a girl till you see her without make up. You think you landed Angelina Jolie. She takes it of... And boom Caitlyn Jenner Just now Like Reply
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    Text - Guy: why ride a roller coaster when you can ride me? Girl: cause rollercoasters actually make me scream MY CHEST
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    Text - need a future. You should have thought about that before you went to art school, dummy


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