Never Before Seen Photos Of Marilyn Monroe Through The Lens Of Milton Greene

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    This previously unpublished photo was taken at the guest villa of film studio executive Joseph Schenck's estate, where Monroe and Greene were staying in October 1953.

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    Joshua Greene with Marilyn Monroe.

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    Greene invited Marlene Dietrich, whom he'd befriended after photographing her in 1952, to a January 1955 party celebrating the launch of the new film production company he and Monroe were forming. The two Hollywood stars had never met before.

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    Taken during a party at the rented Los Angeles house the Greenes lived in with Monroe while she was shooting Bus Stop in March 1956. Later, Monroe would be photographed spilling out of the same black spaghetti-strap dress during a press event for the film The Prince and the Showgirl after the strap broke.

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    With full access to the 20th Century Fox costume department while she was filming Bus Stop in 1956,Monroe donned a palm -reader outfit, and Greene shot her on a Sunday "for fun" says his son Joshua. "They loved doing pictures together, so every now and then on a day off, they would rummage through the costume department, come up with an outfit, and do a series of pictures."

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    On the set of the film River of No Return, Monroe sprained her ankle. So during her shoot with Greene in September 1953, she either had to sit, kneel, or lie on floor, says Greene's son Joshua.

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    After spending almost a year living a relatively quiet life as an intermittent houseguest of the Greene's, Monroe attended a circus fund-raiser in March 1955. She decided the event, for which comedian Milton Berle served as ringmaster, was the perfect venue for announcing her new film company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, to the press. Greene's son Joshua says it was her idea to hop atop the pink-painted elephant with a rhinestone-studded saddle and harness.

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    On the set of the Monroe-produced The Prince and the Showgirl, directed by Laurence Olivier at Pinewood Studios in England. Monroe was 30 years old, and had just married playwright Arthur Miller.

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    Named one of the top three photos of the twentieth century by Time magazine in 1999, this picture was taken in Greene's New York studio in October 1954. Monroe is holding up the bodice of the too-small tulle-and-satin Herbert Kasper dress because Greene's wife, Amy, didn't know Monroe's dress size. Greene's son Joshua says it's one of this father's most-requested Monroe photos.

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    Monroe and Greene were drinking during this March 1955 shoot in which the actress wore her own Jax of Hollywood outfit with simple flats. Joshua says Monroe hated high heels.

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    Monroe being made up by her long-time makeup artist Allan "Whitey" Snyder in 1954.

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    In this July 1955 photo, Monroe is wearing one of the cashmere sweaters Greene had hanging around his studio.

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    Setting up a fashion shoot for the next day, Greene used Monroe, wearing clothes from a previous day's shoot, as a stand-in to position his lights. With Monroe's 20th Century Fox lawsuit about to be settled, the two were in a good mood, says Greene's son Joshua.


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