'I love justice': Smug boss fires employee but twists it to say he quit, ends up digging himself a ditch and now owes the ex-employee $500 extra

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    "YOU walked out on US. You were simply told that if you walk out, don't bother coming back."
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    I got fired from my job of 5 years in April. They filed my ROE as quit and tried to twist the situation. This is the result. I love justice.
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    From:> Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 3:01 PM To: Subject: Termination Good afternoon, I've spoken with employment standards and as I've been terminated and told to not come back, you will need to pay me 6 weeks in lieu of notice within 10 business days as of today April 17th 2024. I can come in to pick up my personal items and the ROE, as well as the final cheque (unless you prefer etransfer) anytime within the next 2 weeks Thank you and have a good day, My e-mail to them a few hours
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    ←→ ... To Cc You forwarded this message on 2024-05-06 2:01 PM. 2024-04-17 We have already forwarded you your final payments. I look forward to discussing this with Service Canada as you walked out on us. You were simply told that if you walk out don't bother coming back. Have your Service Canada representative call me and I will let them know what happened. Your ROE will be filed today and available at the Service Canada office as ROES are online now. The rest of your stuff is boxed up and avail
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    BETWEEN: -and- Employer, Employee(s) 1. Pursuant to Section 96(1) of The Employment Standards Code, it is hereby determined that wages are due and payable to the above-named employee(s) as follows: (a) wages in the amount of cents adjustment; are owing to the employee(s) named in the attached statement(s) of ORDER IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the employer pay forthwith the amount of being wages owing to the employee(s) named in the attached statement(s) of adjustment and Four Hundred Ninety-seven d
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    Furious_Flamingo • 3d ago It's crazy that bosses think they can yell hit like "don't bother coming back" at you and then have the right to say "no they quit on me with no notice". What an as hat glad to see justice served. ✩ 9.6K Reply
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    Mogwai10 3d ago Edited 3d ago American here. In the south. Work remote. Got fired. Thought why not. Try to file unemployment. They appealed countless times it felt and each time I fought them. They came back with every single mistake that I made as if I was the worst human being imaginable. Come to the last bit of the appeal with the appeal lady for the state and the Human Resources lady spills out "we were gonna fire you regardless of what performance you made the month before you were let go".
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    I responded back. See, I worked the best I could and was going to be removed regardless. The state came back that I was owed unemployment from then on I spend the first five months of this year sitting on my I enjoying my new partnership with my wife and we traveled. that company. They wanted me out. I earned that unemployment
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    Edit: I'm gonna add that I never stopped looking for work. Any negative comments about fraud is ridiculous as I never once said I wasn't looking. Both can be true statements as I completed all requirements and could easily be available to have started any job. Again. As if finding a job recently is simply just going around to ask for one. If any of you even remotely know how difficult it is to find a job lately. You'd be absolutely lucky to even get a basic hello from another job. I won't be pro
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    Mother-Revenue-6476 • 3d ago Similar story. My sister got an email from HR stating "we accept your resignation" even though she didn't resign. It was a dirty trick by the company who had recently bought out the medical office and looking to trim payroll while avoiding unemployment payouts. Tough fight--they knew what they were doing and how to do it.
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    As a lawyer looking to help my sister, I arrived early to the courthouse in the hopes of observing how the court handles these cases, with which I was totally unfamiliar. I sat in a mostly empty waiting room where I began hearing the spirited conversation of a group huddled about 30 feet away. It was an HR person coaching a doctor and 2 nurses on how to lie. After hearing some details, I realized it was the opposing side! After 10 minutes of that, my sister showed up and I stood up to give her a
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    The company folk realized that I, the guy in the suit with the briefcase, was her lawyer and had just heard everything about their foul scheme. At that moment the magistrate entered the waiting room and called our case. The doctor and two nurses stood up and fled the building. The HR person entered the courtroom by herself, hemming and hawing to the judge about how her witnesses were suddenly unavailable due to a medical emergency back at the hospital. I corrected the record by stating the
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    witnesses fled the courthouse when they realized they were about to be exposed for perjury and by demanding proof of a medical emergency that called them away at exactly 10:02 am when they ran. The judge asked, "the people I saw scurrying away were the witnesses?!" Yes. He gave the other side 10 minutes to get them back in the room or to provide proof of an emergency. HR person went outside and a few minutes later was standing outside the courtroom window and had no idea we could all see her cru
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    contents of her pocketbook onto the sidewalk while screaming into her phone. She then returned with faux composure and asked for an adjournment. The judge turned to me: would I consent to a postponement? I answered, "Absolutely not." HR lady walked out. We held the hearing in the other side's absence. We won. Over the next two years my sister was paid about $99k in unemployment funds charged to her old employer until she found another job.
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    It makes me boil whenever I think about all those who don't have a lawyer and don't have the luck we did against unethical companies that know all the tricks in what often boils down to a we said-they said contest. 1.3K Reply
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    Apprehensive Cow5139 • 3d ago I was fired for saying in a social media post that I wanted to go back to school and get a job in my chosen field instead of working fast food the rest of my life. Unemployment people said I quit so no Unemployment for me. No, the boss came in half way through my work shift and said I was fired for disparaging comments made about the company.... no, I did not even mention the company I was working for... I said I want to better my life. Nope, that's bashing the comp
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    spicedwhiterum • 3d ago I recently went through this, went on stress leave, doctor approved. They didn't like the doctors note, wanted me to fill out return to work forms, said I would closer to the return date. They didn't like this, terminated me, by letter, then put down I quit on my ROES. Contacted service canada, gave my side. They contacted my employer and they didn't contest my allegations, but tried to say I was on an "unapproved leave of absence." 90 Reply ...
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    thegoodnamesrgone123 • 3d ago I had a company do this to me. They fired me because of performance (aka company was running out of money) and sent me a letter saying as much. Then when I filed for unemployment they claimed I was "stealing time" and taking company property. Unemployment denied me and I had a phone hearing and the woman was like well this is all pretty cut and dry and I was like well I have a letter signed by the VP of the company saying I was let go because of performance and the
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    Adobe they claim I stole is actually my own personal account that I pay for and have the bills to back that up. The woman on the phone was very off. Apparently, she spoke to my old boss and the VP right before and they lied to her face. Not only did I get all my unemployment they got fined heavily. 6 months later the company was done, they ran it straight into the ground. The only reason they let me go first was I was the marketing guy and they just didn't have the cash to pay me. 33 Reply ...
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    hit hitposter 1000 3d ago That happened to me at my first job. Was there for five years. One Friday the CEO came out of a meeting with new investors and sent us home early to enjoy the weekend. On Sunday we got couriered letters (myself, my manager and the CFO) that said, 'don't come back, we'll send you your stuff'. No notice, no reason. We sued for rightful notice. They settled the day of the hearing. Provided down payment on our first house, as I was already at a new job by then. 25 Reply ...


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