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25 Hilarious Dog Memes To Cuddle Up With On The Couch

  • 1

    "Pupper goes from smol to lorge, thanks to McDognalds most pupular item, chimken nuggers."

    3 months 13 months am smol pls provide chimken nuggets am lorge now thanks for nuggets

    While they might not be the healthiest snack on this planet, there is no dying the comfort and yumminess that comes with the humble chimken nugget. We all love them, as a snack and even more so as a treat for having done something well. So go on, treat yourself to a bunch of them, because you have outdone yourself this week.

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  • 2

    "Corgo does a heckin educate to pupper on one of the crucial doggo moves, the blep."

    *Tap Hey pupper I'll show u how to blep *blep Woahg Do like this fren
  • 3

    "You got this fren!!! When times are ruff, we mist pawsevere. also gib treat?"

    HAI FREN vers @doggosbeingdoggos2 I believe in you! @mau_thegold By @ilovegolden, hang in there <3
  • 4

    "Should we tell him?"

    Ci Oh boi the harvest is great this year what a beautiful tomato

    While this might not look like a tomato, who are we to judge? It might be a new breed of giant tomato, specifically bred to be used on giant burger buns. Which if it is the case, then this diligent doggo will be raking in the profits for many years to come. And even if it is just a watermelon, why ruin the little  wholesome happiness that exists in the world by telling him otherwise.

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  • 5

    "Henry always gets a bit...excited, but Jessica stays grounded."

    ignore Henry just feed us man lord of boops plez grant us the chimken nuggers
  • 6

    "Clip clop neigh doggo ask pupper why he smol, pupper admit he pupper."

    Why u smol Okay then I do shlurp Am pupper
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  • 7

    "It was Spring 2018 when the beast arrived. "

    Hehe gotta be shneaky *momch *ROAR YOUR CITY WILL BE DESTRO- I do an monch
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  • 8

    "Accountant pupper has done due diligemce and found that the catto has gotta go."

    SIMBA. PUP.NYC LIG A ive done the calculations we cant afford to keep the cat sory fren has to be done
  • 9

    "A real "Oh Heck" moment"

    When you've been barking at the mail man for 900 days straight and he finally barks back at you
  • 10

    "Entrepeneur doggo has been thinkin bout starting a Pawdcast after hearing about how reading 24 laws of Borking,"

    wake up get treato sleep do a repeat Don't do me a call, unless it's about treatos
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  • 11

    "Your Booper Delivery is here"

    asked my mum if she could bring my charger down stairs, she replied "shout the dog" greetings that'll be 23 treatos
  • 12

    "Pupper has read 'The Art of Pawsuasion' and makes the deal of the century, how do you do a respond?"

    or I unplug your dang charger give treat this is not a drill
  • 13

    "When you've had a ruff day, when it seems like the world is getting chaotic and worse, there's always the reminder that a boop from a clip clop eeyore doggo to a tiny happy corgo can still happen. And that boop will make them both even more happ."

    pleased to meet corgo *eeyore heckin thank eeyore clip clop doggo!! booop doin me a large happy
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  • 14

    "Pupper gives pupper a regulation cuteness check."

    stop it right there chief regulation cuteness check am i still cute? yup ur cute as heck *tappidy
  • 15

    "Doggo was doin a peaceful snooze, dreaming of finally catching the elusive squorrel and making frens with a capybara"

    wat the hec dont worry dawg im the resident quacker @ducksma atpets
  • 16

    "As the well known ancient saying goes:"

    pls assist *squooshe doin me a squooshe if i fits i sits dere can only be one sheriff in dis town
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  • 17

    "Frank Puppagale Jnr had been traveling the world pawtending to be various jobs, the cutest smolest floofiest con artist ever."

    GILL THEGOLDEN it's the pawlice explain your smolness am nugget
  • 18

    "Captain Sosigeria shows off the superior speed of his hover skills to a dispupointed labrador who wishes he could achieve the Mach 3 speed with his tapsters that cap can. Will he protecc Sosigeria from Hydra? Stay tuned."

    don't say it, don't you say it! come on ON YOUR LEFT *levitation
  • 19

    "You decide, frens!"

    Where would you rather live? Doggo Fortress Luxurious mansion join the dark side we have snaccos or
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  • 20

    """Millions of corgos suffer from this every year, Susan. """

    THis is Identity Theft Oh my dog
  • 21

    "After a pretty ruff day, doggo was ponmdering whether doggo not actually goodboi and that life is punishing doggo for not bein goodboi"

    hav a boop *boop thamks forest pupper ruff day today cant even get a text back
  • 22

    "Boone the very good boy could clearly not be more excited to have a little brother."

    susan please aaaaaaaaa the darkness grows closer i want chimken nuggs
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  • 23

    "O oh..He boots to smol for he gotdam feets"

    am comf #tip *tappity hooman something is wrong i did a grow
  • 24

    "Don't bite the hand that does you a feed, only a smol monch"

    gib chimken or else.. i do monch
  • 25

    "Heckin bamboozled again, hooman."

    KENOBITHEBULLDOG | IG U thought was Elephant? am actually doggo get a grip Susan *tip *tap


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