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34 Groundbreaking "Dumb" Phones That Revolutionized Mobile Technology

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    Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

    Cheezburger Image 10363830784

    The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first commercially available handheld mobile phone, released in 1983. Nicknamed "The Brick" for its size and weight, it measured 13 inches tall and weighed 1.75 pounds. Despite its bulky design, the DynaTAC 8000X was revolutionary, offering 30 minutes of talk time and becoming an icon of the 1980s.

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    Motorola MicroTAC 9800X

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    Introduced in 1989, the Motorola MicroTAC 9800X was a significant leap forward in mobile phone design. It was the world's first flip phone, featuring a unique, foldable mouthpiece that made it more compact. The MicroTAC set a new standard for mobile phone design, paving the way for future flip phones.

  • 3

    Motorola International 3200

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    Launched in 1992, the Motorola International 3200 was the first digital hand-size mobile phone. It utilized the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network, making it one of the earliest phones to support digital voice calls and text messaging, which were clearer and more secure than analog systems.

  • 4

    Nokia 1011

    Telekom D1-367- NOKIA ABC MENU с R 3 def 5 jkl 6 mn 7prs 8 luv 9wxy 0 oqz

    The Nokia 1011, released in 1992, was the first mass-produced GSM phone. It marked a significant milestone in mobile technology, offering SMS text messaging for the first time. The phone was named after its launch date, November 10, and it could store 99 phone numbers.

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  • 5

    BellSouth/IBM Simon Personal Communicator

    Simon WH 8141

    Released in 1994, the IBM Simon was the world's first smartphone, combining a mobile phone with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). It featured a touchscreen, allowing users to send and receive faxes, emails, and cellular pages, along with basic applications like a calendar and address book.

  • 6

    Motorola StarTAC

    Star The MOTOROLA 5551212 w's 510 217 AND FCH END

    The Motorola StarTAC, launched in 1996, was the first clamshell flip phone, making it one of the smallest and most portable phones of its time. It featured an innovative design that influenced many future mobile phones and introduced vibration alerts for incoming calls, a first in the industry.

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  • 7

    Nokia 8110


    Nicknamed the "banana phone" due to its curved shape, the Nokia 8110 was released in 1996. It gained fame for its sleek design and sliding cover that protected the keypad. The phone became a pop culture icon after appearing in the 1999 movie "The Matrix."

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  • 8

    Nokia 9000 Communicator


    Released in 1996, the Nokia 9000 Communicator was one of the first smartphones, combining phone functionality with PDA features. It had a full QWERTY keyboard and a wide display, allowing users to send emails and faxes, browse the web, and manage documents, all groundbreaking capabilities at the time.

  • 9

    Nokia 9110i

    NOKIA مه 2 3 def 5 6 mno 7 pars 8 v 9 wxyz Telefonica MoviStar

    An improved version of the Nokia 9000 Communicator, the Nokia 9110i was released in 1998. It featured enhanced software, including a better web browser and increased memory. This model was slimmer and lighter, making it more portable while maintaining its powerful communication features.

  • 10

    Nokia 5110

    NOKIA 100 2abc 3 def 4 ghi 5 jkl 6mno 7pqrs 8 tuv 9wxyz 0- #

    Launched in 1998, the Nokia 5110 was known for its robust build and long battery life. It was one of the first phones to feature an interchangeable faceplate, allowing users to personalize their devices. The phone also popularized the game "Snake," which became a staple on Nokia phones.

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  • 11

    Nokia 8210

    NOKIA NOKIA 100 2abc 3del 4ghi Sjkl 6mno 7pqrs 8tuv 9wxyz 0.

    Released in 1999, the Nokia 8210 was celebrated for its sleek, compact design and lightweight build, making it one of the smallest and lightest mobile phones at the time. It featured an infrared port for wireless data transfer and customizable covers, adding a touch of personalization.

  • 12

    Nokia 7110

    NOKIA G 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9w 0 #0

    Launched in 1999, the Nokia 7110 was the first phone to feature a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browser, enabling limited internet access. It also had a distinctive spring-loaded sliding cover, inspired by the movie "The Matrix," which added to its futuristic appeal.

  • 13

    Nokia 5210


    Introduced in 2000, the Nokia 5210 was known for its rugged, splash-proof, and shock-resistant design. It was popular among outdoor enthusiasts and featured an innovative thermometer and rubberized casing for durability.

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  • 14

    Benefon Esc!

    B 1002 +223 les Mouilles CHAMONIX ETAPE MAIN le Biollay BENEFON handy mc GH www.handy-m 品 DEF MANO PORS 8 9 TUV WXYZ +0

    The Benefon Esc! was notable for being the first mobile phone with integrated GPS functionality. It catered to outdoor adventurers and safety-conscious users, offering location-based services long before smartphones became prevalent.

  • 15

    Nokia 3210

    NOKIA 100 Zabc 3 def 4ghi 5jkl 6mno 1pqrs 8 tuv 9wxyz * + 0 #合

    Introduced in 1999, the Nokia 3210 was famed for its internal antenna and customizable covers. It was one of the first phones to target a younger audience, featuring pre-installed games like Snake and a robust build that made it extremely popular.

  • 16

    Samsung SPH-M100 Uproar


    he Samsung SPH-M100 Uproar, launched in 2000, was the first mobile phone to feature a built-in MP3 player. This innovation allowed users to listen to music on the go, making it a precursor to modern multimedia phones.

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  • 17

    Ericsson R380

    7979 ERICSSON at WORLD 18 Mar 99 13:45 голов 1300 Messaging A SHS Inbox New Email SMS ERICSSON Find

    Released in 2000, the Ericsson R380 was one of the first devices to be marketed as a smartphone. It combined a mobile phone with PDA functionalities, featuring a touchscreen and the Symbian operating system, making it a pioneer in mobile computing.

  • 18

    Nokia 3310

    NOKIA 14:18 NetCom Meny 2 abc def ghi 5 jkl C mno pqrs * wxyz 8 tuv # °

    The Nokia 3310 is legendary for its durability and long battery life. It featured text messaging with a chat function, pre-installed games like Snake II, and customizable ringtones, becoming one of the best-selling phones of all time.

  • 19

    Ericsson R320

    ERICSSON T WORLD 12:35 YES NO 3 DEF 4 GHE 5 JKL 6 MNO 9 7 8 FORS WXYZ TUV *0 0+ # R320s

    The Ericsson R320 was known for its slim design and advanced features, including WAP browsing and voice dialing. It was also one of the first phones to support the GSM 1800 band, expanding its global usability.

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  • 20

    Nokia 5510

    N m space N M Ctrl

    Released in 2001, the Nokia 5510 stood out with its full QWERTY keyboard and built-in MP3 player. It allowed users to store and listen to music, as well as compose long text messages and emails, bridging the gap between mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

  • 21

    Nokia 8310


    Launched in 2001, the Nokia 8310 was celebrated for its stylish design and advanced features, such as a built-in FM radio and GPRS for faster internet access. It also featured customizable covers and an infrared port for data transfer.

  • 22

    Ericsson T39


    Released in 2001, the Ericsson T39 was one of the first phones to support Bluetooth technology, enabling wireless connectivity with other devices. It featured a flip-down microphone, GPRS for internet access, and a robust set of business-oriented features.

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  • 23

    Ericsson T66

    ERICSSON T66 YES NO 2 abc def 3 lại ghi 5jkl mno 7 pars 8 tuv wxyz 9 *0 0+ #

    Released in 2001, the Ericsson T66 was notable for its ultra-compact size and lightweight design, weighing just 59 grams. It was one of the smallest and lightest mobile phones of its time, making it highly portable and easy to carry.

  • 24

    Ericsson T68

    yes ERICSSON WORLD 12:11 0 по 2 abc def ghi 5 jkl mno pars 8 tuv wxyz *0 0+ # T68m

    Introduced in 2001, the Ericsson T68 was the first Ericsson phone with a color screen, featuring a 256-color display. It also supported MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), allowing users to send and receive pictures and sounds, a significant innovation at the time.

  • 25

    Siemens S45

    O S45 GPRS GPRS on air Inter... Menu SIEMENS 2 abc def mno ghi 5 jkl wxyz pars 8 tuv *

    Launched in 2001, the Siemens S45 was one of the first mobile phones to offer GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) for faster internet connectivity. It also featured a robust address book and a large internal memory for storing contacts and messages.

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  • 26

    Nokia 3510(i)

    NOKIA NOKIA NOKIA 70% 4th مه pors abc def 3 mno 6 TUV 8 wxyz

    Released in 2002, the Nokia 3510(i) was among the first phones to support Java applications, enabling users to download and run a variety of apps and games. The "i" version also featured a color screen and MMS capabilities, enhancing its multimedia functionality.

  • 27

    Nokia 7650

    otions 0000 NOKIA Cations a 4

    Introduced in 2002, the Nokia 7650 was Nokia's first phone with an integrated camera, boasting a VGA resolution. It also featured a color display and was the first Series 60 smartphone, combining phone functions with PDA capabilities.

  • 28

    Sony Ericsson P800

    Sony Ericsson Calendar Edit 88 All Tuesday 8 January 2002 Week 2 Weekly meeting (9-11) 11 12 Lunch with lotte (12-13) 13 14 15 16 Play Squash (17-19) MTWTFSS 40

    Launched in 2002, the Sony Ericsson P800 was a groundbreaking smartphone with a large color touchscreen and a stylus. It supported full web browsing, multimedia messaging, and had a built-in camera, setting a new standard for mobile phones.

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  • 29

    Nokia 6100

    NOKIA NOKIA 4 ghi 1 pars 2abc 5jkl 8tuv def mno wxyz 0 # 0

    Released in 2002, the Nokia 6100 was known for its slim and lightweight design, weighing just 76 grams. It featured a color screen, GPRS for faster internet access, and an infrared port for wireless data transfer, making it a highly functional yet compact device.

  • 30

    Nokia 6310i

    NOKIA NOKIA 5 A 0000 NOKIA 0000 100 2 ab 0000 5jk 8

    Introduced in 2002, the Nokia 6310i was an enhanced version of the popular Nokia 6310, featuring Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication with other devices. It was widely used in business environments for its robust build, long battery life, and tri-band GSM support.

  • 31

    Sanyo SCP-5300

    Smart Camera Dual Band Sprint

    Released in 2002, the Sanyo SCP-5300 was the first mobile phone in the United States to have an integrated camera. It featured a built-in flash and allowed users to capture and share images on the go, pioneering mobile photography in the US market.

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  • 32

    Nokia 1100

    NOKIA NOKIA C 1 ao 2 abc def 3 4 ghi 7 pqrs 5 jklmno 6 8 tuv 0 1 wxyz 9 0 #

    Launched in 2003, the Nokia 1100 was designed for durability and simplicity, featuring a dust-proof keypad and a flashlight. It became the best-selling mobile phone of all time, especially popular in developing markets due to its robust build and affordable price.

  • 33

    Nokia N-Gage

    Σ 1 NOKIA Media 1ap 2abc 3def RealOne Kuvat Palvelut 4ghi 5jH6mno Tilkuva Soitin Radio 7pqrs 8tuu 9w Aänitys Sävellys OggPlay Valinnat Takaisin 4 N-GAGE 02 #0

    Introduced in 2003, the Nokia N-Gage combined a mobile phone with a handheld gaming console, targeting the gaming community. It featured a unique design that allowed users to play games, make calls, and send messages, though its unconventional design was both praised and criticized.

  • 34

    PalmOne Treo 600

    palmOne 2:30 pm veri on Main Trail 0 Calc Calendar Camera City Time Downloads Memo Pad MMS Phone SMS To Do List Tutorial Web Treo WE SDA N X L BNM AD men

    Released in 2003, the PalmOne Treo 600 was one of the first smartphones to successfully combine phone functionality with PDA features. It featured a full QWERTY keyboard, a touchscreen, and a built-in camera, making it a powerful tool for mobile communication and productivity.


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