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22 Innocent Cat Memes To Calm And Comfort Your Inner Child

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    We all deserve to be like this with our inner children. Loving them like no one else can. Even in our sordid adulthood, they still exist deep inside us, hurting from the unresolved pain they experienced. It is our duty as responsible adults to help them before anyone else. Just like putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others on a plane.

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    "blud can’t even use the joysticks unless he grows some thumbs"

    Not facing the screen Paws not on controller Loaf HIS AIS NOT GAMING

    Sometimes our inner children are not waiting to play games that distract them from their pain and problems. But instead, they are seeking the love and attention that they never had while growing up. So it is totally ok to not be gaming, facing the screen nor engaging with the controller. All they want is you.

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    "Nooo "

    hes mad i called him pp face GOGE ARAMIS 100000 DOG
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    :D :D
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    I LOVE YOU yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever until i die 爱立方
  • 6
    I love talking to you
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  • 7

    "Sad me "

    no school = happy me :3
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  • 8
    Brain not braining
  • 9
    4MY'S study not studying UMTS Domains and Interfaces natos and uterfaces
  • 10

    "Us? "

    hey! uwuzonee tag someone i need you we need each other we will go far together, i believe in us
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  • 11
    you are so important to me @wholesome.latte
  • 12
    @pretty. adorable your room smells good but not as good as you
  • 13
    On my way To steal your heart @catswithcontext
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  • 14

    "Don’t be shy "

    play toys with me
  • 15
    ShootaCat Unfortunately i'm not addicted to the grind i am addicted to the unwind i love chilling and relaxation and overall taking it easy
  • 16
    are u http? bcoz without u I'm just ell
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    NEW TRADE OFFER i receive: a hug you receive a hug
  • 18
  • 19
    En we go gim
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    Cheezburger Image 10363877888
  • 21
    suffering from 3rd degree yearns
  • 22
    Good morning beautiful @mr.chonkie Sorry i have a girlfriend i woke up like this


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