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24 Pawdorable Golden Retriever Posts To Warm Your Heart

  • 1

    "Relatable ?"

    Fetching the ball when it's thrown Giving the ball back

    Sometimes it is better that they do not bring it back, you get a little break from your boisterous bundle of energy, while they entertain themselves with the ball they feel that they have made off with. The only issue being that the second you act like you do not mind if they don't bring the ball back, they will bring it back…

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    Cheezburger Image 10364724480
  • 3

    "Can you believe how cute this is?"

    Cheezburger Image 10364724736
  • 4

    "Beware of doggo's cuteness "

    I walked by a house today and saw a "Beware of Dog" sign then saw this @Erikdavidson

    We would say it is very worth being aware of this dog in particular. Mainly for pets, cuddles and play time. Really, anything that this sweet guy would be interested in doing sounds like a good time. It is so thoughtful of his pawrents to alert passers-by of this wonderful doggo.

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  • 5


    Cheezburger Image 10364725760
  • 6

    "What do you think would be the advice?"

    I will call you back my financial advisor just got here
  • 7

    "What's the craziest thing your dog has eaten?"

    Until you have a dog you don't understand what could be eaten.
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  • 8

    "So adorable "

    Cheezburger Image 10364726016
  • 9

    “Traffic was crazy, fren; that’ll be 200 treatos”

    Our pizza delivery guy took more than 30 minutes but i think i can forgive him MEDIUM
  • 10

    "Especially when they bark "

    Dolphins are so beautiful
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  • 11

    "I wonder who drank it "

    My large icy was full when I went in the store for 2 minutes
  • 12

    "What's your dog's main objective?"

    Every dog's main objective in life
  • 13

    "What a true Blessing for that to happen "

    My sister's dog was at the park and another golden retriever ran up to play. After talking to the owner it turns out they're brothers from the same litter!
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  • 14

    "Cutest thief "

    Ice cream thief regrets nothing
  • 15

    "Best dad "

    My parents are watching my dog while I'm out of town. There are tornado warnings and my dad sent me this pic to let me know my dog will be safe. BELL
  • 16

    "Too adorable! "

    527 Omg!!! Hahaaa
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  • 17

    "Love your giraffe vest Ted!"

    This is Ted. He went on his first boat ride today. Hopes you like his giraffe vest. He picked it out himself. 13/10
  • 18

    "Who needs a spa day when you can have a mud day? "

    Chocolate dipped Golden Retrievers are my favorite breed of dog
  • 19

    "Clever doggo"

    He saw us feeding the ducks, so he pretended to be one
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  • 20

    "So precious"

    Was blessed on a neighborhood walk by Remy. He's 15 and and doesn't walk so well but still loves to be outside 1712
  • 21

    "Make sense "

    Jack's vet strategy: If I can't see you, you can't see me
  • 22

    "Forever a Sink Pup Franklin's bathing preferences never grow old!"

    Franklin took his baths in the sink as a puppy and refuses to ever pupgrade to the tub...
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  • 23


    Doesn't matter where you're sitting on the plane, if this happens, you're in First Class. Vicio
  • 24

    "Selective hearing at its finest"

    house being broken into hooman needs help category 4 hurricane sound of food wrapper


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