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23 Feline Funnies Fur A Sweet And Serene Sunday Scroll

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    "Fun fact"

    Fun fact: if you stare at the invisible spider long enough, your human will see it too.

    The secret is out, our cats know how to mess with us, just as well, if not better, than we know how to mess with them. It is an unfortunate realization, not in the least because they have gone undetected for so many years, that there is no telling what else they are pulling…

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  • 2

    "Who are you ?"

    He saw me wearing hat for the first time
  • 3

    "Pawwwdorableee "

    Who needs a picture of my cat napping with a sweet potato in a salad bowl this morning?
  • 4


    "We can't keep it'- my dad 10 months ago

    There is hardly a sweeter moment than when the family dad finally falls in love with the cat that they did not want to adopt. Although, with cats being the manipulative creatures that they are, this might be exactly what they intended to do. They know that without the father's approval, they will not have a home, so they put on their sweetest attitude to make them fall in love with them, before unveiling their clawminal side…

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  • 5

    "They have a soul connection "

    My husband comforting our kitten at the vet
  • 6

    "Ella is so lovely"

    Ella got returned to the shelter for being "too playful." A year later, she's gotten my dad and I through decion and continues to make us laugh every day with her antics
  • 7

    "Uh ho somebody's in trouble"

    I shouted at my kitty today for being naughty. 5 mins later I find my other kitty comforting her and glaring at me
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  • 8

    "The cat loves it"

    We got a new kitten, but I think our cat got a new kitten
  • 9

    "That's beautiful "

    My daughter picked her because she was afraid no one would adopt a kitten without a tail
  • 10
    Proud of him! When I'm crying he brings me his mice
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  • 11

    "Hilarious names"

    Lexy Lily @LexyLily3 Follow Replying to @adamgreattweet My family has 4 cats and one dog. The dog's name is Luna. The cats names are Scratch, Chicken Nugget, Death, and Taxes. Death and Taxes are brothers. This is Nugget, my chonky boy!
  • 12

    "The cost of love "

    The cost of love
  • 13

    "How? Why?"

    Elin @elinmeat 1. how did he do this 2. why did he do this
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  • 14

    "No doubt"

    If the Earth was flat, Cats would have pushed everything off of it by now.
  • 15


    A Fact Side. The world's smallest cat is called "Tinker Toy," and it's just 2.75 inches (7 cm) tall. A FACT SIDE
  • 16

    "And nailed it "

    First time baking Great Value All-Purpose Flour HT
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  • 17

    "What kind is this ?"

    thecutestcatever What kind of bird is this naamahdarling The kind with several other birds inside it. joematar a mother! how wonderful
  • 18

    "Pure love"

    I need someone to look at me like that.
  • 19

    "My spirit animal"

    This cat is my spirit animal
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  • 20

    "Need this"

    Problem solved
  • 21

    "Bless their hearts "

    Today was a great day at our shelter. Batman and Robin were adopted together!!! Reddit/sonia72quebec
  • 22


    Ramiro Joaquin @RamiroAlmeida98 Replying to @Sub_Tero @cuentadelodio My cat likes to open every window, leaving them completely open. I'm always feeling cold! 4,751 4:27 PM - Sep 18, 2019 161 people are talking about this boredpanda.com
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  • 23

    "Pawwwww "

    My cat was sleeping on my legs and when she got up I saw she had left a paw print on me


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