14 Wedding Cakes You Don't See Everyday

CLICK THE PIC to see variety of geeky, freaky, and just plain interesting cakes!

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    Smurf Village Cake

    Cheezburger Image 5555299840
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    Via Ooh Koek
    Who knew that smurf village had a chapel?

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    The Horned Devil Wedding Cake

    Cheezburger Image 6552122880
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    Nothing says "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" better than this gruesome wedding cake!

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    Royal Icing

    Cheezburger Image 4557416192
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    Wait, is there a new tradition of amputating the royal limbs before the wedding? That's a little too hardcore for me.

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    Kissing the Captain

    Cheezburger Image 4608931072
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    You Jelly?

    Cheezburger Image 5199588864

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    Enough Cake to Feed an Army!

    Cheezburger Image 6537984512
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    It may look small but don't worry, it'll feed everyone no problem.

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    Fun With Homophone

    Cheezburger Image 5142468608
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    When You Wish Upon a Death Star

    Cheezburger Image 5359821056
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    This adorable storm trooper couple had better get off of there soon. I have a bad feeling that Red Leader is coming this way.

  • 9

    A Very Merry Unwedding

    Cheezburger Image 5419709440

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    Full of Sugar and Win

    Cheezburger Image 5220278784
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    This Cake is Out of This World

    Cheezburger Image 5668073984
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    Take Your Pick

    Cheezburger Image 5967064576
    Tried to strum a few notes, got frosting everywhere. ... This wouldn't be the first time my musical inclinations ruined a party. :(

  • 13

    The Princess and the Plumber

    Cheezburger Image 6629563136
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    Class wars mean nothing in the face of true love. Has The Princess Bride taught us nothing?

  • 14

    Eye of Sauron Cake WIN

    Cheezburger Image 6699813632
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