The 11 Most Savage Roasts of the Week

  • 1
    Savage roast of red hair girl with thick glasses that she looks like free content from Brazzers
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  • 2
    savage roast of girl with closed eyes
  • 3
    dank roast of trombone player who does parkour as flaming homo
  • 4
    savage roast of man with stack of servers behind him who also get uncomfortable when he shows up to work
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  • 5
    savage roast about kids mouth looking like fleshlight attachement
  • 6
    savage roast of man with tattoos and mustache
  • 7
    wheelchair kid roasted as virgin mobile
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  • 8
    dank savage of girl who looks like a boy
  • 9
    savage roast of man who is broke
  • 10
    roast of girl who has purple hair like a snapchat filter that doesn't go away
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  • 11
    pregnant teenager roast of guys at her school pretty anxious right now


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