15 Awkward Pictures That'll Make You Cringe Hard

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    Text - YAHOO! ANSWERS Am I Older Then My "Older Sister"? She's Born In 1992 And I Was Born In 1998, Am I Older Then Her Or Not? Since My Year I Was Born Is Bigger, But Hers Is Longer? I'm A Girl If That Helps. O Answers Family
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    Text - BE CONSIDERATE EAT 1. 2. CLEAN DAB 3. #Keep Clean
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    Text - Nathan Usher @thenatewolf ME WHEN A NORMAL BUG IS ON ME: Eww. ME WHEN A LADYBUG IS ON ME: Evening, Ma'am.
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    Text - oVerizon LTE 12:17 AM 51% i How's it going Alright fine 'll have a conversation without you then: Cool I'm good thanks for asking! Huh? Oh yeah it was a great day! I totally rocked it at work and now I have even more responsibilities for the same pay, awesome! (Sarcasm) Yikes, I was doing homework.....? Jesus lol Eh I'm kinda tired that Convo wore me out maybe l'll text ya in a week or few days or something Actually l'd rather you not text me at all, have a good night though it was nice t
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    Text - Anonymous said: i swallow my mom's diamond but she doesn't understand?? i'm dragonkin and she is literally starving me oh no! i totally understand where youre coming from but maybe next time you could eat some cheaper gems? maybe like rhinestones? i know it wont compare to real gems, but it could be a cheaper way to satisfy your hunger! or even better, you could make rock candy! i know how hard it can be to have humans not understand your kintype, and i wish you the best of luck ( ) with
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    Temporary tattoo - MONSTER
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    Text - N.U.T USB N Never 5¢ per U-Underestimate T-Teachers N.U.T ALL OVER YOUR SCHOOL!!! GOO0 D00 AS MAGAZINES gsh
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    Text - AT&T LTE 7:25 PM 45% Tweet The floor is girls who aren't loyal t11 22 23 Sh Nice tissues 1 Replying to Honestly one of them somewhere was from me jerking off to you the other day lol Tweet your reply
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    Text - you find me attractive, don't you Felecia? Like 7r0ll Says who? Some birdie told you da wrong information breh LIKE i can post screenshots, no worries And you're gonna believe them over me? W W W W** LIKE three against one, pretty muchhhh You're assuming, pretty muchhhhh go get drunk and message me. ill be your boy toy for the night No thank you. LIKE you've always hated me, haven't you? LIRe Write a comment...
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    Text - shared a group. i have created a group for people who are similar to rick with intelligence and personality, if you wish to apply feel free 3 1 The real Ricks Closed group 8 Members Request Sent Comment Like 33 Can I Be An Admin? Can you explain the different levels of conscious? nd expiain now to Tox humanity first or the current broken system we live in? Like Reply 16 hrs
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    Text - m too bright for boys Too brainy for boyfriends Meet the women who say their superior intellect means they struggle to meet a man READ
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    Headgear - 420 Fedora Fanatics A cool new, exclusive fedora I bought today. It is a limited edition My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic fedora, and only 10 were produced worldwide, and I purchased it for $2000. I think every cent was worth it, as I received a stare from every female I saw the first day I wore it. I can't say I'm surprised though, a fedora this euphoric may as well be called "The Magnet Le Dark Memer 551 Likes 207 Comments
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    Text - ? Why don't Mario and Luigi make out (It's 21st century!)? U Share Vote 8 BEST COMMENTS eymanrr 10m They are brothers. Reply Vote
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    Text - katara I am sick of people thinking deodorant is optional seattl-ite i'm sick of people thinking that they can judge others on a normal bodily function and that the only way they can be accepted is to wear something that is harmful/poisonous to your body. just because some men in the 1880's decided bodily odor was no longer acceptable. katara bitch you stink
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    Text - NO BRA CLUB 36 likes orry for spamming! Buuut, I already mentioned that I just love myself so much!!! #dont # take # me#wrong # lovingmyself#lovingmybody


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