Meet The Great Pub Dogs Of The UK

Seven years ago, a chance encounter with a bull terrier wearing a scarlet neckerchief in a pub gave London-based film-maker Abbie Lucas and journalist Paul Fleckney an idea. For their new book, Great British Pub Dogs, the pair travelled the country to document the biggest, smallest, cutest, funniest, sweetest, most-endearing resident dogs (and one pig) of around 70 UK pubs . They met old dogs and young dogs, horse-sized dogs and pint-sized dogs. One pub had three Jack Russells, another had four red setters. Many had been rescued, and given a fresh start in a loving home. One was blind in one eye, another had only three legs. The pub dogs were named after Italian footballers, French philosophers, Coronation Street stars and the Hungarian credit crunch. "Most pubs aspire to be a home from home and having a dog does that almost singlehandedly. They seem to bring people together. So many publicans said how the dog seems to make people friendlier and less likely to misbehave", they told the Guardian. Here are some of the bar's best friends. For more pub stories, "Great British Pub Dogs" on Amazon.  

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    At the bar of Rosemary Branch, Haggerston, North London. Described by her owners as "obstinate", Pearl was a miniature schnauzer and was known locally for her bee-stripe jumpers. Sadly she passed away earlier this year.

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    Can be found at the Alma in Stoke Newington, north London. 'If someone offered me £1m for him, I wouldn't take it,' says his owner. Buster has a phobia of drunk people.

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    The star of Edinburgh's The Dog House is a bilingual bulldog whose owner uses French to let him know he's in trouble.

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    Photographed at The Windmill, Clapham, south London. Such is Max's local popularity, there has been a sharp rise in Bernese mountain dog puppies bought in the area. Beware though: apparently he snores like a train

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    This bearded collie spends his days in front of the bar or on the sofa at the Crown and Two Chairmen in Soho, London, occasionally meeting famous acquaintances such as George Clooney and Jude Law.

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    In the Plough Inn, Wangford, Suffolk. Weighing in at 10 stone, Dogue de Bordeaux Ollie (pedigree name Lancelot the Great) strikes an imposing figure. He is, however, scared of little dogs, and will often hide if one comes into the pub

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    From the Quayside, Whitstable, Kent. A pub hostess rather than a guard dog, this 18-month old King Charles spaniel is known for her distinctive paws-on-shoulders cuddle technique.

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    This cocker spaniel from the Smack Inn, Whitstable, has a bald patch on his tail from wagging it against things.

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    At the Chandos Arms, Colindale, North London. Two-year old Dalmatian Coco is a very creative food burglar: top thefts include a loaf of bread straight from the oven and the chocolate from an advent calendar.

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