McDonald's Is Getting Roasted On Twitter After Introducing Millennial Ingredients

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    Leaf - Inc. Inc. Follow @Inc McDonald's Just Rolled Out Burgers With Millennials' Favorite Ingredient McDonald's Just Rolled Out Radical New Burgers With Millennials' Favorite I... What has the world come to?
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    Text - Paul Reda Follow @PaulReda How is this NOT avocado? They are like 18 months behind on what Millenials like.
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    Text - Kate Scareonoff Follow @KateAronoff didn't realize you could put student loan forgiveness in a burger
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    Text - Jimmy Geurts Follow @JimmyGeurts Remarkable how they got avocado toast AND being unable to afford a mortgage payment onto a single burger.
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    Green - Alex Hardy Follow @CantHardyWait Replying to @nikillinit I think you misspelled
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    Text - Mike Bebernes Follow @mikebebernes Is it condescending news articles?
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    Text - Marc Phillips Follow @mbp817 Nothing says "innovation" like being 5-10 years behind a trend.
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    Text - Adrian Crawford Follow @Crawf33 can I get uhhhhh MCGIG Economy
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    Text - Joel-O-Lantern Follow @joelcifer how are they gonna make a front facing camera delicious
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    Text - Nikhil Krishnan Follow @nikillinit Never had a burger with "being content with yourself and not emotionally exhausted in an age of social media", excited to taste
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    Text - Anthony Scary-mucci Follow @Don_Zeko 15 years from now, McDonald's announces their fidget spinner burger with great fanfare LIN


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