21 Crazy Things Women Did Because of Pregnancy Hormones

  • 1
    Text - Pregnancy hormones are getting to me lust cried becauseIwatcheda horsejump over a log in a Uisney movie.
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  • 2
    Text - Pregnancy is weird My hormones are raging solam either a total pain in the butt or ablubbering mess. My poor husband has to deal with me,
  • 3
    Floor - hate my fob. Raging pregnancy hormones caused me to tella customer to go to hellwhen they asked the price of a blouse
  • 4
    Text - In pregnant and ljust passeda girlan the street who smelled mice.lended up following her thto a store solcould keep smeling her.My pregnancy hormones are all over the place.
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  • 5
    Text - Pregnancy hormones are horr ble. When lwas pregnant,Icried because someone moved my Lunch 2inches to the leftat work
  • 6
    Text - Pregnancy hormones make me Overreact toeverything.My garage door got stuck and Chrewa chair at it. love
  • 7
    Locket - Must be the pregnancy hormones..ut licant handle the last Harry Potter movie. screamed at the Celevision when it ended.
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  • 8
    Text - Pregnancy hormones suck! bought some cookies and came home,took a bite of one, and got irrationally angry because the cookie was not soft!
  • 9
    Facial expression - Had a dream my boyfriend slept with another girl in front of me... Still mad. Man I hate these weird preghancy hormones
  • 10
    Doughnut - Pregnancy hormonesare the worst punched my sister because she atemy donut
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  • 11
    Natural foods - When those pregnancy hormones kick inand you start cleaning the house at 4 AMbl
  • 12
    Text - Because of my pregnancy hormones, threw a jar of pickle juice on the floor and it shattered because it ranout of pickles.had eaten the last one
  • 13
    Food - Sometimes pregnancy sucks. Al lwantis a ham sandwich but the smellofit is making me stck Somy hormones saythe only bogical thing todo is throw allthe ham away
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  • 14
    Purple - labsolutely lost my cool onmy husband For drinking my last peppermint tea this moning these pregnancy hormones are no joke Im sogladlmarrieda patiert man!
  • 15
    Text - broke my husband's glasses because Ididnt like the way they looked on him. Pregnancy hormones will be the death of me.
  • 16
    Clothing - Iknocked over a mannequinet Macys because it was looking gabme funny Stupid pregnancyhormones.
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  • 17
    Text - The sound of him snoring, iterally makes me want to vomitl yelled in my husbands ear for him to stop and he foltedawake. Darn pregnancy hormones. NA
  • 18
    Text - m8months pregnant Feel bad that langrily knocked my step daughters artworkoff of the fridge becauseit pissed me offlooking at it. Crazy Hormones out of control!
  • 19
    Text - land 19 and pregnantgeled at my professorand blamed it on hormones and she yelledatme back sayng Im pregnant Cooso shut the hellup And yougota 65 on your math test.
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  • 20
    Text - Woke my boyfriend up 5 times last night to get it on My pregnant hormones aire fun.He rlled over back to sleepeach time
  • 21
    Font - These pregnancy hormones are making mejumpontomg boyfriend every second. ve officially turned intoasex machine Pre


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