Couple's Ridiculous Costume Fail Picture Shows Why Communication's Everything

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    Emoticon - katrina Follow @KIC Lmfaooo0 caption f
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    Text - Raj Follow @ClearHeatVision Replying to@KIC_ @Trinidadienne This is hilarious!!!! @Trinidadienne
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    And this person coming through with the clutch, astute observation:

    Cartoon - Twick or Tweet Follow @kujmous Replying to @KIC_ Props to him for standing on a crack on the sidewalk. That's some dedication to a character. CLASSIC RuGta's NICKELODEON CSUPO I HEARD IF I STAND ON A CRACK, TD BRING MY MOTHER BACK WHY ARE YOU STANDING THEREE STARING AT THE SKY, CHUCKIE 7/31 by Ce Sya THAT'S "BREAK YOUR MOTHER'S BACK YOU ST... SEE ANYTHING YET, CHUCKIE? ..oh NOT YET BUT I KNOW SHE'S WATCHING


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