33 Brilliant Photoshop Trolls From the Master James Fridman

  • 1
    2 panel pictures man and woman posing and man's body removed Jo to me Sure Hey James! Can you crop him out of this without it looking too obvious?
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    two panel pictures girl taking selfie in mirror Your skin condition doesn't make you @fjamie013 I have a skin condition (vitiligo) just want 2 see if normal is prettier. Can u remove white spots plz? less attractive. Do not let it ruin your confidence. People will see past it once you stop concentrating on it PIPFFI
  • 3
    two pictures girl taking selfie in mirror to me Hey James! Can you pls remove that plastic thing from my photo xxx Sure.
  • 4
    two pictures woman flying kite at beach Hi James, can you please make my dreams of flying a kite properly a reality. It just doesn't want to fly! Done. 3:57 AM-7 Oct 2016 4:00 PM-7 Oct 2016
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  • 5
    two pictures girl smiling santa clothes face in frame Sure. Hi @fjamie013 could you edit it so I'm in the frame too? Thanks HUSTLE So 201 us e SHUSTLE SANTAHUSTLE #SANTAHUSTLE 8:50 AM-11 Dec 2016 ZO1 us e 5:08 PM-19 Dec 2016 2016
  • 6
    two pictures muscles woman doing hero arms Anne P to me Hi James! Your photoshop editing skillz are amazing! Is there any way you can make my shirt not look so wrinkled? It takes away from me showing off my slim waist. Thanks! Try this. 0
  • 7
    two pictures woman in bikini sitting at cafe one with lamp shades on her Hi James! Have a bright day. Can you please put shades on me, so that I looked fierce? Thanks.
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  • 8
    two pictures group of people posing in front of ferris wheel I really like this picture but could you make it so the guy on the right doesn't look like he's peeing on his kids. Thanks 9:16 AM-9 Oct 2016 5:10 PM-10 Oct 2016
  • 9
    two pictures woman standing next to man with hand on shoulder OMMY OMMY Hi james! I m from Argentina. Your work is awesome and I would like that A.E. look at my eyes! It's seems to look my boobs, at least bigger boobs. Xoxo 5:34 PM-17 Oct 2016
  • 10
    two pictures couple posing for selfie fave pic, but he's so much taller than No doubt. me that I can never fit both of our faces in frame for a profile pic. Can you fx it? 03 AM-21 Nov 201 46 PM-21 No 01
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  • 11
    two pictures woman sitting in front of silver temple What man? BUDAPEST BUDAPEST 2 Hello James, i really like your work, so i want to ask you can you do 4:13 PM-27 Oct 2016 something with this man behind me? He's ruined my photo. Thanks youu!! Greetings from Montenegro Oct 25
  • 12
    picture woman posing on rock and another picture womans face on fish Will you please turn me into a mermaid? I will be more than happy to pay use whichever picture you think would be best for it. @fjamie013 Hey, Ariel. s32 J 311
  • 13
    two pictures three guys floating in water to me Sir, can u make me doing something dangerous? I'm the man with glasses in the middle, thanks Danger: Gas leak
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  • 14
    two pictures couple holding corn dogs to me Hey, just wondering if you could edit this photo of me and my boyfriend. I was hoping you could make his corn dog whole again... with no bites taken out... thanks! Done. ill ilL HIGHT HIGHT
  • 15
    two pictures woman hugging man from behind Sure. Hey James my girfriend forgot to wear shoes in our photo. Could you help Jan 6 5:49 PM 12 Jan 2017
  • 16
    two pictures men posing one with legless man Hello Mr Fridman I was wondering if you could photoshop Me into this picture with Aaron Rodgers I would love to be able to tell my friends I've met him! P.s. i hope one of these tp pictures of me will work. Thanks!!!! You got it ESPYS TE ESPYS ESPYS ESPYS YS ESPYS ESPYS ESPS ESPYS ES ESPYS ESPS sYs ES ESPYS SPY ES ESI ESPYS ESPYS ESPYS E ESPYS
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  • 17
    pictuure guy in green jumper posing picture can cat food to me Hey brotha! Here is a photo from my latest photo session. Can you make me a 100% pusssy magnet? Done. Thanks bro! CATNE
  • 18
    two pictures couple sitting at table Hi James could you make it look like me and my girlfriend are holding hands to make this pic look a little less awkward, thanks 5:37 PM 1 Dec 2016 Nov 23 Li L
  • 19
    two pictures guy sitting in car with sunglasses and wearing virtual reality mask I want to be beautiful 8:54 PM-28 Dec 2016 5:13 PM-2 Jan 2017
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  • 20
    two pictures couple kissing guy's head photoshopped to look like dinosaur Could you make it look like I'm kissing a dinosaur instead of the guy in white? A Utahraptor would be noice but I'm not picky Oct 27 7:05 PM-2 Nov 2016 17
  • 21
    picture of girl smiling and picture of barbie doll Can you make me look prettier? (Flawless skin, bluer eyes, etc) Flawless skin, bluer eyes, etc.: 6:45 PM -10 Dec 2016 5:10 PM-16 Dec 2016
  • 22
    two pictures couple posing and woman photoshopped between them to me Hi Jamie, Please could you do something with the lady in the background? No problem
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  • 23
    picture woman in black clothes and picture dobby from harry potter posing in black clothes As you wish. be Deathly alls Hey James, I really like Harry Potter. Can you photoshop me 6:05 PM 28 Dec 2016 like I am a Harry Potter character. Love, Oykü. Dec 24
  • 24
    two pictures four teenage boys standing next to brick wall to me Hey James, I'm the one in the green, and can you do something about the guy in the white hat Fixed. he offsets the mood of the picture, thanks :) LAYD EHE LAND IFHE
  • 25
    picture boy standing in front of waterfall and picture of boy in waterfall could you make the waterfall look Bigger and closer. bigger or closer please t
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  • 26
    picture couple sitting on couch and picture guy's head upside down Hey Jamie ! Can you make my boyfriend look at me please? Sure 11:10 PM-17 Nov 2016 6:41 PM 28 Nov 2016
  • 27
    two pictures two men standing together There you go. Hi Ofjamie013 Can you please invert our skin, make him black and me white Thanks 522 PM-8 Dec 2016
  • 28
    two pictures couple posing suburnt and wearing sunscreen 01:54 to me Hello Jamie, Distribute evenly Can you remove the sunburn on my girlfriend and I? Thanks!
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  • 29
    picture woman holding two fishing rods and picture woman holding big chopsticks and piece of sushi Hey dude, Can you make it look like my girlfriend has caught a fish? Sure Cheers, mate!
  • 30
    picture little girl holding kitten hey can you do somethin about the Here you go. ugly wall paper in the background?? thanks 5:54 PM-30 Oct 2016 5:20 PM-15 Nov 2016
  • 31
    picture woman in front of money and their faces swapped As you wish. 6:20 PM-7 Nov 2016 Hey james can you make the monkey look as happy as her? Nov 6
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  • 32
    picture guy in white clothing posing in front of tree in woods Hello James, Ok. Remove the car, ok? 719x
  • 33
    two pictures couple leaning on wall, guy erased Hey, can you please erase the ass off of the pic? Thanks! Of course


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