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8 Dorm Room Life Hacks

  • 1

    Stop Pen Theft!

    Material property - PUT A BLUE INK CARTRIDGE IN A RED PEN FSHE Cel FINE 3 mm 2 Rolling Ball RED INK Super Smooth Longest Lasting Refillable Refills T92. Gedreen ecine Oet end Seting Gel Pn PILOT PIL BECAUSE NO ONE STEALS A RED PEN 25 25

    Pen thieves are rampant on the college campus. Make sure they don't get your goods.

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  • 2

    Save Closet Space With Soda Can Tabs

    Handbag -

    Your room is small, and your closet is ever smaller. Make sure you get the most out of the space you have.

  • 3

    Keep Your Pizza Crust Crispy

    Food - 700 WATTS www. Put a small amount of water in a glass when you microwave your pizza to keep the crust from getting chewy

    This actually works, it keeps your pizza crust crispy and delicious. 10/10 would use again.

  • 4

    No Plates, No Problem!


    This is astounding, Whoever figured this out deserves some sort of medal. Because this is the closest thing to magic I've seen in my life.

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  • 5

    Dryer Sheets and a Fan Make an Instant Air Freshener


    Dorm rooms smell awful. That's just a simple fact. This helps you fight back. Clean smelling rooms are peaceful rooms.

  • 6

    Sticky Wall Hooks Make Amazing Tablet Wall Mounts

    Electronics - ALCOOY

    Now you actually have a reason to use those 3M wall hooks that you never knew what to do with in the first place.

  • 7

    Set Your Lock Screen to Your Class Schedule

    Text - @74% Verizon 5:21 Sunday, August 18 Room A275 А322 А13T S132 Cafe A260 А368 C277 Course# 0370 O141 8201 192Y 8248 064 0270 О13T Course Name Jr Precalculus H Psychology Conc Band PE Yoga Fitness Jr Lunch ST AP Eng Lang & Comp Physics Honors US History slide to unlock

    Never forget what your classes are again. You'll always know where you're supposed to be, and when.

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  • 8

    Properly Fold Your Clothes to Save Draw Space

    Room - before after T.E 3 5 Ln

    If you're like me, you're horrible at folding clothes. That was, until I saw this. I am now a t-shirt folding king.


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