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Dog Attempts to Fight Cancer by Standing on Things

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    As you can see Luna has a knack for nailing silly poses on chairs

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    It's a specific skill and one that is guaranteed to make you a little bit happier.
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    Pacey knows of a magical alley that always has random chairs to fuel her talent

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    Pacey says the alley is like "an underground chair economy, they're literally gone the next day. It's truly bizarre." Maybe Luna is supplying the chairs in an effort to further the cause.
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    Luna's posing made Pacey's wife smile as she recovered from breast cancer

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    Luna's photos also began to gather a following on the Internet and so Pacey decided to use her lovely modeling as a means to raise money for cancer research.

    For a $50 donation to his Workout to Conquer Cancer campaign, you can snag a handsome shirt of Luna standing on a thing.
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    Luna loves her work and is actually a bit of a ham

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    Luna knows when it's time to go to work and Pacey says that "She hops up, she poses, she can hear my camera and she knows when she's done," he added. "When she's done, we have to celebrate. She gets super excited. She knows that she's done something we do together."
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    Luna has stood on more than 150 chairs and is still going strong

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    Strike a pose Luna, we salute you

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