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This Seethingly Homophobic Congressman From Idaho Forgot to Renew His Website, So It Was Scooped Up and Turned Into a Resource for LGBT Youth

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    Meet Paul Shepherd (R-ID), congressman from the great state of Idaho.

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    Paul believes that any judge who rules in favor of same-sex marriage should be impeached.

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    "We've gotta take a stand… You can't say an immoral behavior according to God's word, what we've all been taught since the beginning, is something that's just, and that's really kind what this is all about. We'd better uphold Christian morals. As an example, how about fornication, adultery, and other issues."
    -- Paul Shepherd, speaking before the Idaho House of Representatives, March 20, 2015 [via: ThinkProgress]
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    He also believes that it's okay to fire people from their jobs because they're gay.

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    He also recently forgot to renew the license to his website.

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    Enter redditor Dylan Hailey, a.k.a. /u/TibitXimer, self-professed "gay nerd" and new owner of Paul Shepherd's website.

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    Shepherd's Twitter confirms that this is his official website URL.

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    After purchasing Shepherd's website, Hailey took to /r/LGBT to hear suggestions on how to improve it.

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    And he received some pretty good suggestions.

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    That's better!

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    Capital idea, my good man!

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    And another good one.

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    The website is currently down because it's receiving so much traffic.

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    But keep checking here to see the /u/TibitXimer's finished handiwork!
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    You go, Paul!

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