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    How it All Started


    Tinder is a bizarre - and sometimes unforgiving - wasteland of sexual misadventures. But, how do you deal with all of the ultra-aggressive alpha males out there? One programmer had an idea:

    Via Verge:

    ...Over the last few weeks, a California-based computer engineer — we'll call him Patrick — has pitted heterosexual male against heterosexual male. Patrick's program identifies two men who "like" one of his bait profiles (the first used prominent vlogger Boxxy's image; the second used an acquaintance who had given Patrick consent) and matched them to each other. The suitors' messages — some aggressive, others mundane, but all of them unabashedly flirtatious — are then relayed, back and forth, to one another through the dummy profile.
    The program made matches within minutes of activation; Patrick estimates he was overseeing 40 conversations within the first 12 hours. He developed code to scramble phone numbers and stepped in when a real-world meeting was imminent, but he also feels ambiguous about the ethics of the prank: "They ignore all the signs, they ignore all the weird things," he says of the users. "When someone is so quick to meet up without any detail or know anything about the person at all — maybe it's deserved."

    Let's get on with the resulting conversations shall we:

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    Text - oo Verizon 11:31 AM I don't think they use them only for mentally or physically disabled people Maybe you confusing me with someone else? But I looked at my profile and all the pictures are of me and Then I realized that's just how teenie boppers dress now days:( I'm a man. I don't understand you.. What is 'aman'? You mean 'awoman'? The pictures you posted here aren't your pictures, is that right? Sorry if that's a little out there. Just sayin' It's cool. No all the pictures are of me. He

    These guys just don't see how it could be another HAS to be a language misunderstanding. The other one must be a woman, right?

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    Text - o00 Verizon LTE 4:29 PM Mar 19, 2015, 1:31 PM Ciao Meet. Grope. Head. Doggy? Haha y Mar 19, 2015, 9:23 PM Everything sounds good!! Hahaha What r u up to? Mar 20, 2015, 10:53 PM Ahaha chilling on the upper west side.. you? Mar 20, 2015, 11:28 PM Going to drink something Where do u live? Send Message

    If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Unless you're using Grindr, then it's probably real.

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    Text - o0o Verizon 2:42 PM ooo Verizon 2:42 PM I'm curious to see what pic you're seeing. You don't like cogs, but have a smoking pic?!?I don't smoke btw. Curious what interests you. Like what you're passionate Cigs about. What smoking pic?!? How can I find you on FB? The last one? Shirt / dress looks hot as hell. Body looks great. Legs, side boob get Add me on IG and I'll show you me excited. Hair looks silky soft and exotic.. And face expression is sexy... Would only be better if your eyes wer

    Something just doesn't add up.

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    Text - 6:32 PM o00 Verizon LTE Male* are u not a female? Thanks! Back to the gender thing...let's be straightforward before we continue. What do u have between ur legs and what are u looking for? Well? Can't tell if you're trolling or serious No I'm really serious. Im absolutely confused at what gender u are and what ur looking for. Send Message

    Finally, someone started to figure out something was wrong. It's nice to see one guy not completely lost in the "lust fog" of tinder.

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    Text - o0o Verizon LTE 4:45 PM o0o Verizon LTE 4:45 PM And I'm gonna stay here for I'm in this game since 1 one it's too early to have a while conclusion Are you finis like your 5th picture You finding what you looking for here ? Ha thank you I like your second one Oh cool I think I found it now :) And you are looking very sexy in your fifth picture And you? I can't kiss you if your are not my wife Mormon rules So Let's get married ! Haha That's why I'm still single Hahaha how about we go out to

    Mormons apparently don't have rules about getting frisky on tinder, apparently Joseph Smith didn't foresee the internet.

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    Text - oo Verizon LTE 8:33 AM Visiting SF then? Yea I live in SF. На Aha You got snapchat? What's your ethnicity that's making you so damn sexy Chinese. You? Very lickable Yea Added

    Then there are dudes like this...

    Great... way to be, guy.


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