5 Things To Expect From The Season Finale of 'The Walking Dead' (Comic Spoilers)

This Sunday marks the end of Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Rick's group has made it to the Alexandria Safe Zone, and spent the past couple episodes adjusting to its safe walls.

This time last season Rick's group was just entering Terminus, and we all thought someone would die. Well that didn't happen. Now that they're relatively safe, should we be expecting the worst? Here are five things we want to see on the season finale.

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    1. Father Gabriel Needs to Die

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    We are getting sick and tired of Father Gabriel. Rick's group pulls him out of starvation and obscurity, takes him all the way to safety, and he turns around and trash talks them. Sure, they slaughtered some folks in a church, and ran over a bound cop. That doesn't make them bad people!

    Chances aren't looking good for Gabriel, because The Walking Dead likes to limit their black male characters, and 'someone' is getting close.

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    2. Rick Goes Even Fuller Shane

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    Rick fell in love with another man's wife, and even though the other man beats her up at an alarming rate, Rick looked very Shane confronting the situation. Now Officer Friendly is on trial, and Maggie's not happy about it:

    Will Rick fall even further into his Shane hole? Will he Pull a Tyrion Lannister?

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    Or Will He Be Completely Redeemed?

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    Those Alexandria people don't know how bad it is beyond their walls. Maybe some force outside will show those softies how much they need Rick.

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    3. Daryl and Aaron Fall In Love

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    Daryl and Aaron are still outside the walls. We know something bad is about to go down. Will it bring them closer together? The Daryl is gay rumors have been flying around for almost the full season. An Aaron, Daryl and Eric love triangle might make for fascinating television.

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    Frankly We'd Just Be Happy if He Takes That Shower

    Do what your main squeeze says. You got appearances to keep up.

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    4. Carl Gets Some

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    We love Carl Poppa! Let's see if he can turn that hit single into make out music...

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    5. We Meet Lucille

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    TV Viewers meet Negan. He and Glenn have an important encounter in the comic books, and frankly the show has been hinting about it all season long. Negan is definitely the kind of guy who could make Rick seem important enough to keep around, but producer Gale Ann Hurd says the finale will have,

    "some sad losses that no one, I think, will be able to predict."

    So maybe Glenn will be spared the bat this time around. Which is good, because I don't think I could handle this Maggie again.

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