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Compassionate Arborists Rescue Cats From Tall Trees In Their Spare Time

  • Shaun Sears and Tom Otto rescue cats stuck in trees—like, a lot of cats stuck in trees.

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    The certified arborists, who opened Canopy Cat Rescue seven years ago, reunited nearly 400 kitties with their freaked-out owners in 2015 alone. But then you already know that if you caught the first season of their reality show, Treetop Cat Rescue, last summer on Animal Planet.  

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  • These cat loving brothers-in-law decided to put their off hours to good use and return scared, stuck kitties to their worried owners. Working completely off donations, these two cat lovers are helping keep Seattle’s free-climbing felines grounded.

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  • in Washington state, the trees can be very tall, and cats can be very scared once they get too high. Firefighters aren't equipped for that kind of height, even if they had the time to rescue cats.

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  • Watch their amazing work


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