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14 Pet Instagram Accounts You Should Start Follow in 2018

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    Dog - SAD

    This very good NYC doggo literally hugs people on the street! have you ever heard of anything so pure and good in this world?

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    Kitten Lady is a DC-area cat rescuer whose entire life is dedicated to caring for the tiniest and runtiest of kittens that even shelters can't take in. Her Instagram catalogs the journeys of her rescues, who she helps to adopt out (and who often end up with their own Instagrams to follow!).

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    Vertebrate - ATTLE

    Can you imagine a cuter duo!? Blizzard and Lulu are BFFs who love to adventure together. You can catch plenty of videos of their shenanigans on Insta!

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    Stuffed toy

    Snoopy is extremely popular in China, with over 355,000 followes on Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter). He's very fashion forward and can often be found showing off his latest outfit.

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    Mammal - @jmarcoz

    If you follow one dog-stagram in your life, it should be this one! It's full of baby Frenchies and bulldogs and videos of the tiniest potato pups yawning and rolling around and snuggling each other. It's honestly the best thing you'll EVER find on Instagram, or generally in your life.

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    Well, should we add anything else? the cutest instagram account EVER!

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    Dog - SimplyDog

    Susie's Senior Dogsis a nonprofit organization that helps to find loving homes for older dogs who often have a hard time getting adopted. On their Instagram, you'll meet tons of adoptable senior dogs that'll all melt your heart!

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    Small Fry and Poutine are sisters who were adopted together, and remain insanely close. Expect tons of photos of the two of them curled up together for naptime

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    Pet parent Steve chronicles his journey caring for multiple Susie's Senior Dogs rescues, along with Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and Oprah the chicken! It's quite the motley crew!

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    Lil' Bub, the "one-of-a-kind magical space cat," doesn't let any of her genetic mutations or disabilities hold her back. Oh, and her tongue is always sticking out because she's toothless.

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    Domestic rabbit

    Umm, adorable rescue bunnies?! Yes please!!! Follow the adventures of three adopted NYC bunnies, Maple, Arnie, and Grizi. 

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    Dog - A

    Nana is a gentle senior pit bull whose lack of ears is completely made up for by her extremely floppy tongue. She has the most loving family who posts insanely cute videos and pics of her drooling and snoring and generally being perfect.

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    Toast is very familiar with the Instagram-fame life. With The Fat Jew as a doggy dad, it seems that a great account runs in the family. We're personally obsessed with all of the different outfits Toast has!

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    Dog - NRALGIV www.AidPERTK.ORG

    K-9 Piper helps control the wildlife out in Traverse City, Michigan. It's ruff work, but someone's gotta do it. Side note: Have you ever seen a dog (or human) pull off goggles that well?

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