10 Brutal Roasts That Left Their Victim's Torched

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    Hair - ROAST H rubbernecker1 2794 points 5 days ago 3859 Your nose has a nose
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    Skin - Twice divorced single mom of two. Do your worst. Hbigtextripleg 288 points 2 days ago Isee you atleast got to keep the hotel room through both divorces
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    Barechested - HHeroDeGames 1615 points 3 days ago Tattoos say tough guy, muscle tone says coma patient.
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    Clothing - H tonyp113 97 points 6 days ago Could you please slide that bandana down over your eyes and nose?
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    Community - Rewsme 306 points 1 day ago HHentzer Wheelchair kid from Malcolm in the middle? You can walk. God is real
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    Facial hair - oven fresh Pizgi HCapnStabby 1248 points day ago I never knew ears could be innies. thank you.. for your business
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    Skin - My girlfriend. 21 year old hooters waitress with too much self esteem. Go for it. BLUMPKINFORCE 194 points 5 days ago With that shnoz, are you sure she doesn't work at Snooters?
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    Text - One of us works out for three hours a day and the other does crosswords. Take your pick... екретъ о mass MAx Bis han ROAST ME (un) H Andy_McBoatface Verified Roastee 322 points 6 days ago But with your powers combined you both are virgins...
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    Forehead - SECURITY H DustyTrades 411 points 4 days ago This is the type of dude who says "affirmative" or "negative" instead of "yes" or "no."
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    Forehead - My dad turned out to be gay after being married to my mom for 25 years. Roast me better than my dad roasted my family. MEN H Celt_208 2398 points 14 hours ago Verified Roastee I mean can you blame him the only thing he got from fucking women was you


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