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TikToker Throws a Birthday Party for Her Fluffy Cows and Goes Viral


TikToker Chloe Grayling, aka @lovechloejane, posts about her small farm life. She feeds chickens, takes the dogs out, and snuggles with some very fluffy cows. Her viewers go crazy over these floofs that moo. So, she did like any good cow mom would do, and threw them a cute little birthday party picnic. The video has now gone viral and TikTok wants more. 

The viral video shows a table adorned with delicious little cow treats like watermelon, carrots, and lettuce, but it's the floral arrangement the cows go for first. She calls them over and you see two of the fluffiest little brown cows excitedly trotting over. Commenters are freaking out saying things like, “Oh the run makes me soooo happy!” “Target audience reached,” and even demanding to see more. So much so that Grayling says she's currently editing a video of them munching away at their birthday party goods. 

This isn't the TikTokers first cow content. Her trending videos have to do with a lot of education on these types of cows, along with the cute scenes of them. She, unfortunately, gets a lot of viewers wanting to eat them, which she finds quite confusing since it's very clear she has these cows for snuggling, not eating. 


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