25 Stupid Liars Who Got CALLED OUT on Their Bullsh*t

These people got called out HARD when they decided to lie on the internet for attention

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    IKEA correcting a concerned American citizen on how to properly display the US flag

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  • 2

    Redditor claims to be Puerto Rican, gets called out, then forgets to switch accounts before claiming to be (different) multiracial user defending first post.

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    Jeremy Lin turns ex-NBA player Kenyon Martins claims of cultural appropriation back on him in the most respectful, kindest way possible

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    Via kelo_Ren

  • 4

    Harry Styles kills a fans fantasy

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  • 5

    User sets the record straight on 'space pencil'

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  • 6

    Older SJW gets REKT

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    Via RunDNA

  • 7

    Overweight girl called out by her brother for claiming a genetic condition for her size

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  • 8

    Literally wearing them...

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    Via Axwe8

  • 9

    Lil Bow Wow pretends he's on a private jet, gets called out

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  • 10

    Cheater exaggerates his member and gets TOLD

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  • 11

    Online troll gets TERMINATED by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • 12

    Ricky Gervais is donating his wealth to animal charities and owning people at the same time.

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  • 13

    Former friend borrows money from all his friends for "rent". Turns out it was for drugs.

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    Via prolyfic

  • 14

    Girl gets called out on Instagram

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  • 15

    Captain America vs Red Skull

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  • 16

    A nail salon owner responds to a 1 star review

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    Via besst

  • 17

    Twitter user claims only a man of the West could produce a beautiful statue. Bullshit is called.

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  • 18

    HuffPo gets offended, gets called out for it.

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    Via Lemetroll

  • 19

    Clever dog learns how to use a zipper (?)

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  • 20

    Of course it's BuzzFeed

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  • 21

    When your attempt to look cool backfires terribly

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  • 22

    i'm gettin #pussy

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    Via DumbassJ

  • 23

    Mom shuts down her kids delusions

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    Via witfenek

  • 24

    Guy tries to promote himself as a white knight, gets completely torn down

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  • 25

    Library computer 'via mobile'

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    Via midjuneau
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