25 Stupid Liars Who Got CALLED OUT on Their Bullsh*t

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    IKEA correcting a concerned American citizen on how to properly display the US flag

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    Redditor claims to be Puerto Rican, gets called out, then forgets to switch accounts before claiming to be (different) multiracial user defending first post.

    Text - 1h Puerto Rican here (living in the US though). Thank you Trump for sending this hospital ship to us. Much appreciated Reply 11m Weird. In another post you said you were Indian. Oh you're a the_donald shtiposter. 5m Cambodian/Vietnamese guy here. I don't see why someone can't be both Puerto Rican and Indian. Perhaps OP's parents come from both countries, and he identifies as both. In my case, my mom is from Cambodia and my dad from Vietnam. I therefore identify as both Cambodian and Vietn
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    Jeremy Lin turns ex-NBA player Kenyon Martins claims of cultural appropriation back on him in the most respectful, kindest way possible

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    Harry Styles kills a fans fantasy

    Text - 1d Just ran into Harry Styles at the tigers game and he Gave me $100 to get him two beers and I took the money and left #sweartogod Harry Styles @Harry_Styles wasn't at the tigers game. Cool story though 8/18/14, 9:44 PM
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    User sets the record straight on 'space pencil'

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    Older SJW gets REKT

    Text - Follow Inconsiderate youths occupying the disabled seat while an elderly woman is standing right in front of them on the DLR RETWEETS LIKES 685 688 May 17 Replying to @ What about the Empty seat right behind you?
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    Overweight girl called out by her brother for claiming a genetic condition for her size

    Text - 45 mins I am getting so tired of privileged men claiming fatshaming isn't a gendered issue because they experience it too. Not only do you not experience it anywhere nearly as severe as women do, for men, it's by and large a choice. The female body is genetically predisposed to store more fat, so no matter what we do, being fat is a genetic default for many women. To tell us to simply eat less or move more is literally shaming us for something we have no control over. Men on the other han
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    Literally wearing them...

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    Lil Bow Wow pretends he's on a private jet, gets called out

    Vehicle - fwb fakewatchbusta 62% 12:41 SIauoss PDK-Dekalb Peachtree Airport So this guy lil bow wow is on my flight to NY. But on instagram he posted a picture of a private jet captioned "traveling to NY today" smh 5,669 likes shadmoss Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER. May 25th on @wetv View all 45 comments 1DAY AGO + CHAT Liked by rolex_enforcer and 6,450 others
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    Cheater exaggerates his member and gets TOLD

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    Online troll gets TERMINATED by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    Ricky Gervais is donating his wealth to animal charities and owning people at the same time.

    Text - A.C McGurk @ACMcGurk 1h Replying to @rickygervais it's strange you love animals but eat them 3 times a day? #govegan 6 Ricky Gervais @rickygervais 1h It's strange how I don't eat meat but you think I do. #gofuckyourself 10 224
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    Former friend borrows money from all his friends for "rent". Turns out it was for drugs.

    Text - O5 9 hrs out of all the people i used too associate w the past few years, there's only 2 survivors. i cant thank them enough for sticking by my side and i hope they know how much i appreciate them. Like Comment 1 that's because you fucked over everyone besides twpo people. Get over yourself and get addiction help Like Reply 2-3 hrs
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    Girl gets called out on Instagram

    Bikini - l Verizon 10:07 PM Post Liked by e my reaction to surviving finals week! now someone send savannah and I back to the beach" View all 3 comments e that makes us all sad That's damn impressive, tnat waist is so amazing that even the house in the background is stretching it's self to get a view. I wish I could bend reality the way you do. 2 DAYS AGO
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    Captain America vs Red Skull

    Text - Ann Coulter@AnnCoulter Jul 16 $30! It cost me $10,000 of my time to pre-select the seat wanted, investigate type of plane & go back periodically to review seat options Replying It's not about the $30. It's about paying for what you expect. 9.2K t2585 2.7K Chris Evans@ChrisEvans 18h I totally get it. It costs me 75k to brush my teeth. I must pre- select a brush, investigate types of paste, and periodically spit bullshit 1.2K t 10.1K 61.5K
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    A nail salon owner responds to a 1 star review

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    Twitter user claims only a man of the West could produce a beautiful statue. Bullshit is called.

    Text - This is called "art" This is the legacy and heritage of the West. This is what men of the West fight, sacrifice and die for. This is victory. #DeusVult Is there an example of a female sculptor who committed herself to the same level of detail that a male does with a woman? L 2 23 None that come to mind. That sculpture is an act of worship before Heaven, and it shows. 2 12 6 Replying to and 6 others the sculptor is a chinese woman you dork ass losers 2:13 PM 17 Oct 17
  • 18

    HuffPo gets offended, gets called out for it.

    Text - Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost Dear @JimmyKimmel, Megan Fox's pregnancy is none of your business 2h Н 68 105 Jimmy Kimmel @jimmykimmel Dear @HuffingtonPost - Megan agreed to discuss this before the show, so fuck off 14m 383 1,380
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    Clever dog learns how to use a zipper (?)

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    Of course it's BuzzFeed

    Hair - Even though she's busy riding dick bicycles and dealing with wrist icicles, Ariana Grande-the Thomas Edison of our generation -still has time in her schedule to create innovative technology to solve modern-day needs: Art and design: Wenging Yan Model: Ema Furuya WTF? WHAT ARIANA GRANDE DESIGNED CAT EAR HEADPHONES BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE DID Art and design Wenging Yon Madel na Fu Wenqing Yan Follow @Yuumei_Art BuzzFeed & other sites skipped over any fact checking before bullshitting about Ar
  • 21

    When your attempt to look cool backfires terribly

    Product - 9 hrs Can't believe I drank all of this at bretts house party last night hahahai was a great night... paying for it now with this hangover ugh Like Comment Share 5 watch out we have a bad ass over here Like Reply 2-5 hrs e is he for real? 5 hrs Like Reply Write a reply... Wouldn't brag about it dude considering that's me, Eddie and Bryan's empty beer cans, we gave you a mikes lemonade which you sipped on all night and you acted like you were wasted then told us all you were allergic to
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    Mom shuts down her kids delusions

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    Guy tries to promote himself as a white knight, gets completely torn down

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    Library computer 'via mobile'

    Text - I have nice hair, flirt too much and I need to learn how to log out of library computers so people dont post statuses for me Like Comment 5 hours ago via mobile 3 people like this. are you sure you didnt post this yourself lol 2 hours ago Like 24 "via mobile" about an hour ago Like 22 NICE LIBRARY COMPUTER about an hour ago Like 49


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