7 Things Netflix Is Doing Right With Daredevil

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    The Violence Leaves Marks

    The whole intro sequence is filled with blood, why wouldn't a punch split a lip or leave Matt's nose bloodied?

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    Matt Murdock Is Just Beginning His Legal and Vigilante Career

    Like Batman: Year One Matt Murdock and his legal partner Foggy Nelson are just beginning their time defending the innocent of Hell's Kitchen. As newcomers to the scene in Hell's Kitchen, Matt and Foggy's quest seems like naive righteousness. It's a great addition to the show.
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    Speaking of Foggy, What a Name!

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    This is just here for pun's sake. Also because Elden Henson makes Foggy Nelson one of our favorite characters in Marvel.

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    They Actually Do Some Lawyering

    You can't make a living cracking skulls, so Matt actually has to visit clients, and deal with police, and DA's. Hopefully he gets over his, "we only defend the innocent" policy to, you know, be a GOOD lawyer instead.
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    It's Connected To The Greater Marvel Universe

    What happens after an alien race destroys half of New York? Criminals come in and take advantage of the clean up process.

    How else will Daredevil affect the Avengers and the rest of the Cinematic Universe.
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    The Fights Have Real Choreography and Cinematography

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    Daredevil takes on gangs with surprising ferocity and style all without a single digital effect. While he isn't Captain America throwing motorcycles,

    you would still rather take on good guy, Cap, than vigilante Daredevil, who isn't afraid of breaking a few eggs to make his omelet.
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    It's a Show Anyone In The Marvel Family Can Enjoy

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    And hey, with everything happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, there may be a day these two team up.


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