Fake Instagram Account Gets Called Out In Brutal Fashion

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    All starts out reasonable enough...

    Text - 1.33 K/s N0 55% 2:16:47 Ahahaha. India is lovely Great people. Exotic land. Colours. Curry And the Indian guys are really Yeah it's a great country Yes. My mother is Spanish. My father is American But I like my Spanish side more. It's a lot more "bright" if I could say so Cool What have it away? The name? Or the beach picture? Write a message...
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    Product - 2.13 K/sN 2:16:52 55% edidas ust another day in my favourite #adidas hoodie. OReply Is this you? Yes that's me. Obviously Why you ask? Haha that's pretty funny Write a message... 1
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    Font - 0.14 K/s 73% 3:18 5.39 K/s Tell me about yourself. inez_eldora Throwback to the best day ever. Reply That's me too btw. Top left. Write a message...
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    Smarty pants up in here, or what.

    Text - 1.30 K/s 2.86 K/s 73% 3:18 Tell you about me? Hmm I'm actually a really smart guy tbh Well isn't that great. Me too No no Like I'm actually really smart I know. Me too00
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    Text - adidas girls ALL MAPS IMAGES VIDEOS NEWS BOOKS 305x 294 MORE SIZES RESULTS FOR ADIDAS GIRLS Adidas Girl In Tumblr Html- "G. Galilei" Pescara 500x 490-Adidas Girl In Tumblr Html Marcatori: 19 Di Natale (U), 58 Fabbrini Write a message...
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    That's a wrap...

    Text - 0.00 K/s 0.16 K/s 73% 3:18 100 hits: 90s essentials 100 hits: X X IMAGES ALL VIDEOS NEWS МAPS BOOKS 309 x 291 No other sizes of this image found. RESULTS FOR 100 HITS: 9OS ESSENTIALS 100 HITS: 90S ESSENTIALS [CD Creating a text cutout filled with an image Corel PaintShop_Pro 504x176 - You can use the Text Cutter option to create a text cutout that is filled with the underlying photo or imagery. The effect is similar to using a clipping mask except the cutout object is creat


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